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niuke 0525d54cca remove unicode prefix from code
Change-Id: I2bb0aa3a7d285bade0fdf115f4afa2e37e9f9c4b
2022-08-29 08:42:29 +08:00
Ghanshyam Mann 5247b8f6f3 [ussuri][goal] Update contributor documentation
This patch updates/adds the contributor documentation to follow
the guidelines of the Ussuri cycle community goal[1].


Story: #2007236
Task: #38524
Change-Id: I61e494a5eb65b0a4f435eea2e511be0c398b7990
2021-05-31 20:37:36 +00:00
Andreas Jaeger 40df15a462 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions
Switch to openstackdocstheme 2.2.1 and reno 3.1.0 versions. Using
these versions will allow especially:
* Linking from HTML to PDF document
* Allow parallel building of documents
* Fix some rendering problems

Update Sphinx version as well.

Set openstackdocs_pdf_link to link to PDF file. Note that
the link to the published document only works on
where the PDF file is placed in the top-level html directory. The
site-preview places the PDF in a pdf directory.

Set openstackdocs_auto_name to use 'project' as name.

Change pygments_style to 'native' since old theme version always used
'native' and the theme now respects the setting and using 'sphinx' can
lead to some strange rendering.

openstackdocstheme renames some variables, so follow the renames
before the next release removes them. A couple of variables are also
not needed anymore, remove them.

See also

Change-Id: I38ad719a8942ec1ae1c78e8d680e467b06815a20
2020-05-21 10:17:57 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger ddaa0a1e0e Cleanup py27 support
This repo is now testing only with Python 3, so let's make
a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Switch to using sphinx-build
- Use newer openstackdocstheme and Sphinx versions
- Cleanup */source/ to remove now obsolete content.

Change-Id: Icf69fa99ed77a0935062ee4fc8e9c6a195b381e5
2020-04-21 08:24:56 +02:00
Zuul 5873b82fb6 Merge "Generate PDF documentation" 2019-12-23 13:54:13 +00:00
manchandavishal 8638a0c7f6 [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping the py2.7 support in ussuri cycle.

heat-dashboard is ready with python 3 and ok to drop the
python 2.7 support.

Also this patch update minimum tox version in tox.ini file.
Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal:

Change-Id: I63d6c5dfb2bb312c413b9350fa7c9a01eae6cd0b
2019-12-03 07:36:38 +00:00
manchandavishal e064697989 Generate PDF documentation
This commit adds a new tox target to build PDF documentation.
It's a part of community goal, see storyboard for more

Story: 2006083
Task: 34856
2019-10-18 08:34:21 +00:00
zhangboye 674c3959eb Cap sphinx for py2 to match global requirements
Change-Id: I64f426907da92278151c3effaf46472dbcfba347
2019-06-07 10:09:15 +08:00
ricolin 7eb51032e3 Drop use of
Our cgit instance will be going away and is the new
preferred URL for browsing our git repos. Redirects will exist for the
foreseeable future, but it's more efficient to just go directly to the
new locations.

Change-Id: Ia84b464390dbbaaba4c87c4032f5fd21a529f412
Co-Authored-By: Vishal Manchanda <>
2019-05-22 16:37:13 +05:30
Zuul 3812cc2667 Merge "Update docs bug link to storyboard" 2018-07-19 02:35:02 +00:00
kaz_shinohara eba050370a Update all links in documents
Now we moved to Storyboard, all relevant links in documents should be
updated accordingly.

Change-Id: I835f85c0e8357766ff48d14d42fa673521d450bc
2018-06-14 18:43:50 +09:00
chenxing 38ee77307c Update docs bug link to storyboard
Change-Id: I9be0925a229c007a0c2ef13c3240527bfcc550e8
2018-05-23 21:32:57 +08:00
Zuul c88445abb1 Merge "Improve installation guide" 2018-04-18 04:43:13 +00:00
Akihiro Motoki f3e9b66262 Improve installation guide
Previously the installation guide seems to target developers.
This commit makes it more generic and add some useful contents.

Change-Id: I75a996e315e3d46c41c66a22f93be70ee5807837
2018-04-08 16:24:40 +09:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 606c8adcb9 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Iffb66836790404c50cb0bb78efc85ce26c9d6cac
2018-03-15 06:57:25 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 6f61e8f146 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I93ecebb4822fe0ed21c1bb1185afe18f6981b7f3
2018-03-13 06:53:07 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 2550a3d106 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I959fab610c2bfe8711ccc209c02d7df82d706d71
2018-03-10 13:13:21 +00:00
Akihiro Motoki 20ccb58e67 Improve doc structure
The current top page of heat-dashboard doc is a bit tricky.
The content of installation is duplicated, for example.

This commit revisit the document structure.

* Drop installation instruction from README
* Drop meaningless indices and tables (which are not working)
* Move DevStack setup to the contributor document
* Merge installation_contents.rst into installation.rst

Change-Id: I897cfe0094358db63a364088fd2b977e234101e8
2018-02-22 09:56:09 +09:00
Zuul 2a8a858acb Merge "Updated from global requirements" 2018-01-26 07:57:13 +00:00
Jean-Philippe Evrard 6767da4200 Include policy in tree for ease of deployment
Some deployment methods are using the files delivered by the
installation of packages to configure dashboards.
For example, it's possible to pip install heat-dashboard and
use the use local_settings.d files shipped inside the package
to deploy the heat-dashboard.

When the heat dashboard was not a plugin and included in horizon,
it was usable without having to care about the policy file.
This has changed, as the file is not shipped into horizon by
default, and is not available when pip installing the heat
dashboard directly, unlike the other files (above).

This patch follows the pattern set by murano here [1], to be
able to use the default policy file, shipped with the code,
after a pip install of the heat-dashboard.

[1]: 873fd7ff85/muranodashboard/conf/murano_policy.json

Change-Id: I7e1d74bebc97874c9049f6be33cef27806739b11
2018-01-26 01:08:51 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 3654a6be39 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ic96742fc433f81960f04358da64fd3d8332c1646
2018-01-24 00:53:56 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 7f62d8a2f7 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I7873b1b16d45e318779bd296b5eca4e7b9927f18
2018-01-17 20:33:37 +00:00
ricolin c2740a275a Create doc/requirements.txt
For compliance with the Project Testing Interface as described in:

Refer to:

Change-Id: I32c84f17e4200314fb4a3e2c99d4e04608187a23
2017-12-29 15:02:52 +08:00
Zuul 634ee20304 Merge "Deleted locale dir & Updated babel-django.cfg" 2017-12-04 05:41:03 +00:00
Zuul 45727b4c5b Merge "Add user doc of template generator" 2017-12-04 04:34:38 +00:00
Xinni Ge aa684dcda7 Add user doc of template generator
Change-Id: Ie824b4eb0b1971edc29055b9e2565b0fd9ef36b3
2017-12-04 12:07:00 +09:00
kaz_shinohara 153f16987d Deleted locale dir & Updated babel-django.cfg
To enable translate job correctly, deleted heat-dashboard/locale
directory and updated babel-django.cfg accordingly.
Also fixed tox.ini which included wrong commands for docs build.

Change-Id: Idb7996ded645a8bc8bcb3b7eb08c8754a8492873
2017-12-04 03:02:49 +00:00
Zuul 82e0e82a7f Merge "Split out heat own items from Horizon settings." 2017-12-04 02:59:03 +00:00
Keiichi Hikita fe76077425 Split out heat own items from Horizon settings.
Heat relevant contents will be split out
from Horizon in Queens release.

After this splitting out, Heat-Dashboard must have
its own settings in Heat-Dashboard repository.

So this review request includes following.

- Create own settings under local_settings.d
- Add procedure for installing above settings.
- Fix installation procedure according to above changes.

Change-Id: I0b9a9907cb0c02aed70e7c1af3d9d07b0ddeffb6
2017-12-04 10:45:44 +09:00
kaz_shinohara 1590bfeb12 Migrate Heat relevant docs to Heat Dashboard
To slit out Heat support from Horizon, migrate Heat relevant docs from
Horizon repo to Heat Dashboard repo.

Change-Id: Ie0334b8af060a8251a649a49d982086709472190
2017-12-04 09:42:10 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita aea63e9826 Fix installation procedure for heat_policy.json
according to Horizon team's advice.

I've changed installation procedure as follows.

(before changing)
1. copy heat_policy.json from Heat-Dashboard directory
   to Horizon directory (same as enable files)
2. add orchestration key to POLICY_FILES settings

 (after changing)
 1. just point Heat-Dashboard policy file path
    from POLICY_FILES settings

Change-Id: Idaf2cbfcb716a9aa4c0f43283526302f062ea0a7
2017-11-29 10:20:36 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita 55a26e3632 Added procedure to enable heat_policy.json.
After Heat relevant contents will split out from Horiozon,
I guess 'orchestration' key of POLICY_FILES settings will be
removed also.

So I've add procedure for adding this key
so that user can correctly enable heat_policy.json

Change-Id: I77ae6c6f63f5ae0f21e9aa6d33edca458bb17502
2017-11-21 18:59:04 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita 6c13231096 Fix installation procedure due to lack of process.
Current installation procedure in README.rst and
doc/source/install/installation_contents.rst does not have
installation process of heat-dashboard itself.
I added above procedure by this review request.

Change-Id: I97f7d114c1f1e978286bd218df558ddf5340d901
2017-11-21 18:15:15 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita ba1ccf4d9b Taken over policy file for heat from Horizon repository.
In future, Heat relevant files(like GUI, api client, policy files, ...)
will be split out from Horizon repository.

But now this repository does not have Heat policy file so I've copied
it from Horizon latest repository.

This review request also includes following changes.
- Added installation procedure document relates to heat_policy.json.
- Modified to install heat_policy.json.

Change-Id: I8dd386e392eb4467b03efd68c7959371d4b9576d
2017-11-16 11:08:03 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita ad9eba2e20 Add initial files as devstack settings/documents/requirements.
Change-Id: I79e42375151d06dd93a7529b7c6b6c25eafa68df
2017-10-31 15:58:55 +09:00
Keiichi Hikita 867749f5b3 add docs 2017-10-06 14:49:25 +09:00