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  OpenDev Sysadmins 34b3846c61 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  zhangbailin d0a0accca7 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 6 months ago
  inspurericzhang 0bb2c20ba8 [Trivial Fix] modify spelling error of "resource" 7 months ago
  98k 064b35fa4e fix tox python3 overrides 8 months ago
  Doug Hellmann db9631b5bd fix tox python3 overrides 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 5c4bd4c1c0 import zuul job settings from project-config 10 months ago
  Zane Bitter 19cd10c314 Fix rocky template 10 months ago
  ricolin d90acffe4e Add Rocky Spec Template 1 year ago
  Zuul 8e865c99e9 Merge "Backlog resource-capabilities" 1 year ago
  Zuul 5cb9b78a38 Merge "Backlog heat-template-migrate-properties" 1 year ago
  Zuul 46fbb1b250 Merge "Move lock stacks spec" 1 year ago
  Zuul 777bebe207 Merge "Remove spec for filtering on CFN" 1 year ago
  Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 22c87f31ab Implement policies in code 3 years ago
  ricolin 8d05117284 Backlog resource-capabilities 1 year ago
  ricolin 6235c0e68b Backlog heat-template-migrate-properties 1 year ago
  Jenkins 6f213bde63 Merge "New Resource Type OS::Neutron::Quota" 1 year ago
  Jenkins af61ddc492 Merge "Remove link to modindex" 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve 37a65ba77d Move lock stacks spec 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve 6e512ce64c Remove spec for filtering on CFN 1 year ago
  Jenkins 13d69ebb95 Merge "Add Queens directory" 1 year ago
  ricolin ff62ba1f22 Add Queens directory 1 year ago
  Jenkins ed3651324d Merge "Do nested loop or not for 'for_each' of 'repeat'" 1 year ago
  huangtianhua f92275e998 Do nested loop or not for 'for_each' of 'repeat' 3 years ago
  Jenkins fd3c76c912 Merge "Add Zun resources" 2 years ago
  Zane Bitter 01865425c5 Custom Resource type managed by Mistral Workflows 2 years ago
  Namrata Sitlani 7160c8baf7 Add Zun resources 2 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 2d85ca9721 Move to backlog properties group spec 3 years ago
  Jenkins 8cd4c47e21 Merge "Add support for Neutron Trunks" 2 years ago
  Norbert Illes 92ab0fcac1 Add support for Neutron Trunks 2 years ago
  aditi d31fe29493 Remove link to modindex 2 years ago
  Zane Bitter 431052eb17 Stable StackDefinition API for template plugins 2 years ago
  Zane Bitter 3cd6c3e0c9 Add Pike directory 2 years ago
  Jenkins 245d6d7a34 Merge "Fixing translation mechanism spec" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 95cc932648 Merge "Support devstack plugin in heat" 2 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky a1a6d6a15e Fixing translation mechanism spec 2 years ago
  Chris b2c7f843f7 Add new nova flavor resource functionality 2 years ago
  Jenkins a0bcb96610 Merge "Support OS::Aodh::CompositeAlarm resource" 2 years ago
  Jenkins df07b6fe2c Merge "Template migrate resource properties" 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 05ead50de4 Support OS::Aodh::CompositeAlarm resource 2 years ago
  Yosef Hoffman defd6c9b17 New Resource Type OS::Neutron::Quota 2 years ago
  Jenkins 25840d63b2 Merge "New Resource Type OS::Nova::Quota" 2 years ago
  Sharat Sharma 6abce77d17 Changed the homepage of heat-specs 2 years ago
  Kanagaraj Manickam ff2eb96857 Template migrate resource properties 3 years ago
  Jenkins 94941d2eff Merge "New Resource Type OS::Cinder::Quota" 2 years ago
  Lars Kellogg-Stedman 912ae3086a create ocata spec template and directory 2 years ago
  Julian Sy 137001edb0 New Resource Type OS::Cinder::Quota 2 years ago
  Yosef Hoffman 281ed56727 New Resource Type OS::Nova::Quota 2 years ago
  Jenkins c35c9f3906 Merge "Add spec for more flexible environment merging" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3e327edb9d Merge "Update README.rst" 2 years ago
  Atsushi SAKAI 272558bbb7 Fix the title for map_replace function 2 years ago