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Adrien Vergé 2a2fe91602 Fix linting errors in YAML
This change corrects many problems detected by the `yamllint` linter.
It's a preparation for enabling this linter in change

For instance, the first run of the YAML linter helped discovering a key
duplication problem in `oso_ha.yaml`: the `depends_on` key was present
twice, so the first occurence was ignored.

Other changes are cosmetic: extra spaces, extra blank lines, missing
newlines at end-of-file, etc.

Change-Id: I7f2369adfb152fd2a74b9b105e969e653e592922
7 years ago
Steven Hardy 223b6b3b3b F18 WordPress_NoKey fixes
The security group properties must be strings or we get validation
errors, and firewall-cmd rule addition should be permanent

Change-Id: Ia03947690ff8142b6e700c808a898283c7b8d095
10 years ago
Steven Hardy fbcdeb7004 Add working F18 WordPress template
Add an updated WordPress_Single_Instance template which works with
F18 guests

Change-Id: I6651163b91709a6ab566f8d6060c4766a1d4603f
10 years ago
Steven Dake a2ad92fa58 Add F17, F18, F19, U12 subdirectories for templates
This change makes it possible for us to properly maintain example templates
for various distributions by organizing them into subdirectories.

Change-Id: I06e4d24cae83330af97870bab1e6795999218d1e
10 years ago