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Steven Dake 8f19ddc364 Resolve CVE-2013-2069
Fix problem where root escalation is possible in a VM.

For more details:

Change-Id: I95013d8155d0338c4161a6cb87f02974973fcf80
10 years ago
Steven Hardy f773a12e3b Add heat-jeos TDL files and oz wrapper script
Import heat-jeos oz TDL files, and a utility script which wraps the
commands required to process them.

The heat-jeos.sh script is a simple (if not quite as fully featured)
replacement for the heat-jeos tool, meaning we can deprecate it.

fixes bug #1171602

Change-Id: I23416d1e3c7a5329c2076db6fbe6f51d44720766
10 years ago