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Metadata service
A Compute service that enables virtual machine instances to
retrieve instance-specific data. See :nova-doc:`Metadata
service (OpenStack Administrator Guide)
retrieve instance-specific data. See :nova-doc:`Nova Metadata
service documentation <user/metadata.html#metadata-service>`.
A feature of Heat that supports deployment to multiple regions.
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User data
A :term:`resource property` that contains a user-provided data
blob. User data gets passed to `cloud-init`_ to automatically
configure instances at boot time. See also :nova-doc:`User data
(OpenStack End User Guide) <user/user-data.html>`.
configure instances at boot time. See also :nova-doc:`Nova User data
documentation <user/metadata.html#user-provided-data>`.
.. _cloud-init:

@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ User-data boot scripts and cloud-init
When booting a server it is possible to specify the contents of the user-data
to be passed to that server. This user-data is made available either from
configured config-drive or from the :nova-doc:`Metadata service
How this user-data is consumed depends on the image being booted, but the most
commonly used tool for default cloud images is cloud-init_.