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Heat Style Commandments
Heat style commandments
- Step 1: Read the OpenStack Style Commandments
- Step 1: Read the OpenStack style commandments
- Step 2: Read on
Heat Specific Commandments
Heat specific commandments
None so far
Creating Unit Tests
Creating unit tests
For every new feature, unit tests should be created that both test and
(implicitly) document the usage of said feature. If submitting a patch for a
(implicitly) document the usage of said features. If submitting a patch for a
bug that had no unit test, a new passing unit test should be added. If a
submitted bug fix does have a unit test, be sure to add a new one that fails
without the patch and passes with the patch.
@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ For more information on creating unit tests and utilizing the testing
infrastructure in OpenStack Heat, please read heat/tests/testing-overview.txt.
Running Tests
Running tests
The testing system is based on a combination of tox and testr. The canonical
approach to running tests is to simply run the command `tox`. This will