Use placeholder data for resources prior to creation

When requesting the NodeData for a Resource, generate placeholder values if
the resource has not been created yet. Currently, all attributes are given
a value of None (consistent with how the get_attr intrinsic functions
substitute them when the resource state indicates that the attributes are
not valid now). Reference IDs are generated as usual (since the logic for
what to return when the state indicates the data are not valid is contained
in the resource plugins).

In future, this will allow us to add placeholder NodeData for all resources
to the StackDefinition prior to validation. In the long term, that should
help us to remove the state-checking logic from the intrinsic functions. In
the short term, it will allow us to validate template data that is parsed
against the StackDefinition (rather than the Stack), since it gives us a
list of valid attribute names. In the medium term, this should give us a
place to substitute in more sophisticated placeholder values to do better

Change-Id: Ife69f563a3748c6cb611ca02f826229e76bee4d0
Partially-Implements: blueprint stack-definition
Zane Bitter 5 years ago
parent efd51f4525
commit 652af4bde3
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@ -993,10 +993,17 @@ class Resource(status.ResourceStatus):
(self.attributes.get_cache_mode(path[0]) ==
yield attr, self._get_attribute_caching(*path)
except exception.InvalidTemplateAttribute as ita:'%s', ita)
if self.action == self.INIT:
if (path[0] in self.attributes or
(type(self).get_attribute != Resource.get_attribute or
type(self).FnGetAtt != Resource.FnGetAtt)):
# TODO(ricolin) make better placeholder values here
yield attr, None
yield attr, self._get_attribute_caching(*path)
except exception.InvalidTemplateAttribute as ita:'%s', ita)
dep_attrs = self.referenced_attrs(in_outputs=False)

@ -606,6 +606,7 @@ class MiscMethodsTest(common.HeatTestCase):
self.resource = self.stack['A']
def test_node_data_ok(self):
self.resource.action = self.resource.CREATE
expected_input_data = {'attrs': {(u'flat_dict', u'key2'): 'val2',
(u'flat_dict', u'key3'): 'val3',
(u'nested_dict', u'dict', u'a'): 1,
@ -620,6 +621,7 @@ class MiscMethodsTest(common.HeatTestCase):
self.assertEqual(expected_input_data, actual_input_data.as_dict())
def test_node_data_exception(self):
self.resource.action = self.resource.CREATE
expected_input_data = {'attrs': {},
'id': mock.ANY,
'reference_id': 'A',