Merge "Log useful information in the API log"

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@ -846,13 +846,17 @@ class Resource(object):
# ContentType=JSON results in a JSON serialized response...
content_type = request.params.get("ContentType")"Processing request: %(method)s %(path)s",
{'method': request.method, 'path': request.path})
deserialized_request = self.dispatch(self.deserializer,
action, request)
LOG.debug(('Calling %(controller)s : %(action)s'),
{'controller': self.controller, 'action': action})
LOG.debug(('Calling %(controller)s.%(action)s'),
{'controller': type(self.controller).__name__,
'action': action})
action_result = self.dispatch(self.controller, action,
request, **action_args)