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@ -60,6 +60,24 @@ This means that the resulting heat templates only need to modify configuration
files. This will speed stack launch time and reduce the risk of a transient
package download failure causing the stack launch to fail.
To create an image that contains hooks needed for SoftwareConfig and SoftwareDeployment,
you can follow the steps bellow to build a fedora based image::
git clone
git clone
git clone
export ELEMENTS_PATH=tripleo-image-elements/elements:heat-templates/hot/software-config/elements
diskimage-builder/bin/disk-image-create vm \
fedora selinux-permissive \
heat-config \
os-collect-config \
os-refresh-config \
os-apply-config \
heat-config-cfn-init \
heat-config-puppet \
heat-config-script \
-o fedora-software-config.qcow2
Building an image with Oz
Another approach to building a heat-cfntools enabled image is to use Oz wrapped in a convenience script.