Change endpoint service type from orchestration to cloudformation.

This is required so that the REST API can take over the orchestration service type.

This will break exiting setups until heat-keystone-setup is re-run.

There will be a corresponding update to devstack, which may be out of sync to this one.
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Steve Baker 2012-10-10 13:21:47 +13:00
parent afe93704f3
commit a34b9ef5ab
3 changed files with 3 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ echo SERVICE_TOKEN $SERVICE_TOKEN
# Services
HEAT_SERVICE=$(get_id \
keystone service-create --name=heat \
--type=orchestration \
--type=cloudformation \
--description="Heat Service")
HEAT_USER=$(get_id keystone user-create --name=heat \

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@ -180,4 +180,4 @@ def get_client(host, port=None, username=None,

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@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ def decrypt(auth_info):
return res
def authenticate(con, service_type='orchestration', service_name='heat'):
def authenticate(con, service_type='cloudformation', service_name='heat'):
""" Authenticate a user context. This authenticates either an
EC2 style key context or a keystone user/pass context.