Call cfn-create-aws-symlinks in

Images which have heat-cfntools installed from rpm or deb
will not have cfn tool links in /opt/aws/bin.

This change runs cfn-create-aws-symlinks during cloud-init It should do the following:
* if no cfn tools exist in /opt/aws/bin, symlinks from /usr/bin
  will be created
* if cfn tools exist in /opt/aws/bin, no symlinks are created
* if cfn-create-aws-symlinks doesn't exist, there will be no effect

This is required to use a vanilla Fedora 20 cloud image with heat,
which has heat-cfntools pre-installed.

Change-Id: I5426fdad3031f91b4b9c1f9c9c19ac9cc42cf2dd
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Steve Baker 2013-12-05 10:41:25 +13:00
parent 070258bb10
commit edb7a6dbe9
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@ -3,5 +3,9 @@ setenforce 0
useradd -m @INSTANCE_USER@
echo -e '@INSTANCE_USER@\tALL=(ALL)\tNOPASSWD: ALL' >> /etc/sudoers
# in case heat-cfntools has been installed from package but no symlinks
# are yet in /opt/aws/bin/
# Do not remove - the cloud boothook should always return success
exit 0