11 Commits (master)

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  yatin befafa3328 Remove SSLMiddleware from oslo.config namespace 1 year ago
  Matthew Edmonds 1d02822c0f fix heat_keystoneclient config gen 1 year ago
  rabi e0e92b9d6d Move heat_keystoneclient to clients package 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy 67f12e5e24 Add trustee config group to sample config 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 1d94dd4f2a Added CORS support to Heat 3 years ago
  tengqm b05dcd8d06 Fix config generator for oslo.service 4 years ago
  Sergey Vilgelm a390b54371 Use right oslo.service entry points 4 years ago
  Sergey Vilgelm 432430d2c6 Switch to oslo.service 4 years ago
  Javier Pena b02805bea5 Fix config file generation 4 years ago
  Steven Hardy 70112c103a Move logging to use oslo_log library 4 years ago
  Thomas Herve ec6ff6f670 Use oslo.config generator 4 years ago