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  Zane Bitter 3f98c3d6fb Docs: modernise links 1 year ago
  ricolin 1e3ddf11ff Remove mox usage from test_docker_container 1 year ago
  ricolin d00a068c5b Fix broken test in DockerContainerTest 1 year ago
  Zane Bitter 13a5b43d65 Remove contrib/rackspace 1 year ago
  Thomas Bechtold e7cde3b2e5 heat_docker: Require docker instead of docker-py 1 year ago
  ChangBo Guo(gcb) 381a84a4e8 Remove usage of parameter enforce_type 2 years ago
  liyi 8f10215ffd Remove log translations 2 years ago
  Luong Anh Tuan 78d1f4ccc8 Remove py26 support 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 27a99d537e Fix a small nit of docs 2 years ago
  gengchc2 61bda3a08a modify the home-page info with the developer documentation 2 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore 891298e506 Add version keyword argument to RAX glanceclient 2 years ago
  huangtianhua ce78ba1462 Correct the usage of properties.get() with default value 3 years ago
  Dmitriy Uvarenkov 558a8cd1e8 Correct message when extension is not available 3 years ago
  gecong1973 7c389dd2a5 Fix some spelling mistakes in heat as follows: 3 years ago
  Jamie Lennox 87a37f5db2 Sync context with oslo.context 3 years ago
  Zane Bitter 5566e6f2c8 Get rid of gratuitous use of six.iterkeys() 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore d8fefed177 Fix Cloud Server image/flavor combination validation 3 years ago
  Zane Bitter c64b2cd1f3 Break reference cycle in KeystoneClient plugins 3 years ago
  Zane Bitter 23cc15687b Unit tests: Don't use ResourceDefinition as cfn snippet 3 years ago
  Zane Bitter f1751ae84c Don't treat ResourceDefinition as cfn template in resources 3 years ago
  Zane Bitter f89cfcc662 Use the ResourceDefinition.Diff API in resources 3 years ago
  Angus Salkeld 3ed5948b1c Set enforce_type=True on config overrides in tests 3 years ago
  Rabi Mishra 9305478141 Resolve name/id using translation rules for Server 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya 006db59851 Add image/flavor validation to Rackspace Server 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore c202c4447b Make AutoScale sub-template a string instead of map 3 years ago
  Randall Burt 845dd17825 Force config_drive and transport for sw config 3 years ago
  Bo Wang 4136b47666 Use oslo.utils.reflection to extract class name 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore 268e6a10d6 Add support for launch_stack launchConfiguration type 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore 3ae796a0bc Remove extraneous fields from Cloud LoadBalancer access list 3 years ago
  Bo Wang 34bc87e2c2 Fix import order 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore adfa6fa8e1 Assign defaults for Cloud Loadbalancer node type and weight 3 years ago
  Drago Rosson e94c70ced3 Add Rackspace::Cloud::LBNode 3 years ago
  Rabi Mishra 29692ee4f5 Use custom find functions for image lookup 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya 8107f1ebfd Make ASG resource work when no lb is specified 3 years ago
  Oleg Khavroshin 1f6ccf85e3 Edit backslashes for lines continuation 3 years ago
  LiuNanke 208d2debd0 Using LOG.warning replace LOG.warn 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya 58624d4f1c Support RackConnect V3 LB in Rackspace AutoScaleGroup Resource 3 years ago
  Ankit Agrawal aa3d01e0a0 Remove duplicate keys from dictionary 3 years ago
  Rabi Mishra c3a8cc4197 Use flavors.find interface to find flavors 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya ea0d926ccf Remove check for managed cloud role 3 years ago
  Lars Kellogg-Stedman 363c0d148d remove containers on delete 4 years ago
  Vijendar Komalla 1c1e32340b Check resource_id before calling network delete 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya b4a7c4e35f Simplify and correct logic for updating SSL Termination 3 years ago
  Jiří Suchomel b78f5189d1 Remove default value for mem_limit to keep up with docker-py 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya 2d81bf646f Better schema for Rackspace::AutoScale::Group image and flavor 3 years ago
  Pratik Mallya 4b09fbfbab Correctly determine when SSL termination config changes 3 years ago
  ricolin 3b0ba9c633 Change namespace for Nova resources and tests 3 years ago
  Randall Burt 693e8605fb Always process node addresses 3 years ago
  Bertrand Lallau f0ea022853 Use assertTrue/False instead of assertEqual(T/F) 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore b83b2a15bf Do not pass rich objects in Cloud LoadBalancer create 3 years ago