264 Commits (master)

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  Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 63cf3761be Restore auth-less version negotiation 10 months ago
  Zane Bitter 2efded7f28 Move context middleware earlier in pipeline 1 year ago
  rabi 6d55417f80 Remove CloudWatch API 1 year ago
  ricolin 222a8ac5e9 [policy in code] part 7 add sample and releasenote 1 year ago
  ricolin f2bc379242 [policy in code] part 6(cfn, cloudwatch) 1 year ago
  ricolin 0e45db46ba [policy in code] part 5 (software-*) 1 year ago
  ricolin 51e4f04693 [policy in code] part 4 1 year ago
  ricolin 46f0e16d11 [policy in code] part3 (resource types) 1 year ago
  ricolin 575a45b1c0 [policy in code] part 2 (stacks) 1 year ago
  ricolin b171490450 [policy in code] Part 1 Base framework 1 year ago
  huangtianhua e65d4e8475 Mark the default policy usage for neutron resource 1 year ago
  Yosef Hoffman fc0f4a1291 Add OS::Neutron::Quota resource 2 years ago
  rabi 698d70342e Add policy for Keystone resource types 2 years ago
  Yosef Hoffman 65b3f847cf Add OS::Nova::Quota resource 2 years ago
  Dan Prince 43af5e45c7 Add noauth middleware 2 years ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 6ad6ca33e7 Add http_proxy_to_wsgi middleware to Heat CFN endpoint 2 years ago
  ricolin cd090780eb Add resource OS::Cinder::QoSAssociation 3 years ago
  ricolin 831e23d2af Add OS::Cinder::QoSSpecs 3 years ago
  Julian Sy 7954bcf638 Add OS::Cinder::Quota resource 2 years ago
  Rabi Mishra 168a7797e5 Use is_admin_project from context 2 years ago
  Steven Hardy 316b5b6381 Add stack files retrieval API 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 8a4df57c37 Change namespace 'ceilometer' to 'aodh' 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 26bab914a0 Deprecate combination alarm 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 42fb92907b Migrate to aodh for gnocchi alarms 2 years ago
  huangtianhua 4a79f7ca53 Migrate to aodh for OS::Ceilometer::Alarm 2 years ago
  huangtianhua faec3a0962 Decouple hot and cfn for outputs 2 years ago
  rabi ac86702172 Authorize super admin actions on all projects 2 years ago
  huangtianhua a52b821857 Adds default policy rule for resources limited to administrator 2 years ago
  Jay Dobies b0ca694dd7 Add environment retrieval API 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 59ccb2f751 Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator 3 years ago
  Ahmed Elkhouly f52d77f0d2 Resource mark unhealthy RPC and ReST API 3 years ago
  Jason Dunsmore c63411eef6 Add REST API for stack export 3 years ago
  Javeme ed33ec56ab deprecate module heat.api.middleware.ssl 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 26b552f53d Added Keystone and RequestID headers to CORS middleware 3 years ago
  Dina Belova 8e72616d73 Do not use api-paste.ini osprofiler options 3 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 2e76bb0716 Add APIs implementation for output functions 3 years ago
  Michael Krotscheck 1d94dd4f2a Added CORS support to Heat 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy 4b30adeae1 Update preview_update_stack to align with PATCH updates 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy 604595a39c Update preview_update_stack to align with PATCH updates 3 years ago
  Ryan Brown 6513d3944c Add a preview endpoint for stack updates 3 years ago
  Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 454a7b0ec1 Add resource_type-specific policies 3 years ago
  Oleksii Chuprykov 08608f5002 Add template-function-list 3 years ago
  Oleksii Chuprykov 70a7395cb9 Add template-version-list 3 years ago
  lvdongbing 7975d8b46a Support to list software configs 3 years ago
  Davanum Srinivas acc0940e8e Get rid of oslo-incubator copy of middleware 3 years ago
  Kanagaraj Manickam 65134b8d99 heat-manage service list 4 years ago
  Steven Hardy cf0b59953c Remove heat.config.sample file 4 years ago
  Peter Razumovsky 1343598890 Add Dimensions Default in AWS_CloudWatch_Alarm.yaml 4 years ago
  Steven Hardy c0f8529dab Update sample conf for new oslo.db release 4 years ago
  Thomas Herve e16036cd2d Add snapshot restore HTTP API 5 years ago