15395 Commits (master)

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  Zuul 7b606461e1 Merge "Revert "Add retries when loading keystone data and fetching endpoints"" 3 dagen geleden
  Zuul 53d2731c7a Merge "Use client_retry_limit for keystone connection retry" 6 dagen geleden
  Zuul 33bddd9548 Merge "Remove setting of DEVSTACK_GATE_EXERCISES" 1 week geleden
  Zuul 4820a9b8e5 Merge "Imported Translations from Zanata" 1 week geleden
  Zuul 02e9fb9580 Merge "Fix Firewall policy resource" 1 week geleden
  OpenStack Proposal Bot fa1e211a16 Imported Translations from Zanata 1 week geleden
  Zuul e80ce9e0f6 Merge "Drop creating extra endpoints in devstack" 1 week geleden
  Zuul 55d7b1327a Merge "PDF documentation build" 1 week geleden
  Zuul 2becc6b273 Merge "Don't raise not found in delete raw template" 1 week geleden
  Zuul 08fa05263a Merge "Add unit test for nested stack cancel" 1 week geleden
  Rabi Mishra 7cd26947b8 Revert "Add retries when loading keystone data and fetching endpoints" 1 week geleden
  Rabi Mishra 54f1119d69 Use client_retry_limit for keystone connection retry 3 maanden geleden
  Ghanshyam Mann 057553b2e7 Migrate grenade jobs to py3 3 weken geleden
  Zuul ed7add1638 Merge "Drop Python2 support" 3 weken geleden
  OpenStack Proposal Bot 70962a434e Imported Translations from Zanata 4 weken geleden
  Zuul 60ce510086 Merge "Pre-empt in-progress nested stack updates on new update" 4 weken geleden
  Zuul e98848e516 Merge "Fix Designate Zone ID lookup" 4 weken geleden
  Rabi Mishra 49a2a1e55a Remove nova api extension checks 1 maand geleden
  Zane Bitter e0dbb3f7fa Drop Python2 support 1 maand geleden
  Zane Bitter 03819bd449 Fix Designate Zone ID lookup 1 maand geleden
  Zuul 61048ef16b Merge "Add functional test for utf-8 decode issues" 1 maand geleden
  Zane Bitter 38614a78c1 Add unit test for nested stack cancel 1 maand geleden
  Zane Bitter 8cd6a06736 Pre-empt in-progress nested stack updates on new update 1 maand geleden
  Zuul 9f3ea0a63e Merge "Update osprofiler about doc" 1 maand geleden
  Zuul 970e33e637 Merge "Add Blazar custom constraint plugin" 1 maand geleden
  Zuul b661b7e99e Merge "DB: Remove unnecessary subtransactions=True" 1 maand geleden
  Zuul b662b9a234 Merge "Fix cfn-init-data path in ignition" 1 maand geleden
  Feilong Wang ea18c18188 Fix cfn-init-data path in ignition 1 maand geleden
  Zuul 49ab07ad05 Merge "Don't use wrap_db_retry on subtransaction in resource_create_replacement()" 1 maand geleden
  ricolin d38948a221 Don't raise not found in delete raw template 1 maand geleden
  lidong 624be98be0 Fix Firewall policy resource 4 maanden geleden
  Zuul 89ab96176f Merge "Add regression tests for conditional outputs in nested stacks" 1 maand geleden
  Zane Bitter 2398191be9 Don't use wrap_db_retry on subtransaction in resource_create_replacement() 2 maanden geleden
  Zane Bitter df1aad961c DB: Remove unnecessary subtransactions=True 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul 491e2fb470 Merge "Ignore not found when delete raw template" 2 maanden geleden
  Zane Bitter 9dd523c311 Don't mark snapshot complete while task in progress 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul 008346fd3a Merge "Support domain in keystone lookups" 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul 18f1dbb452 Merge "Add a non-racy check for unique stack names" 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul 3029011dea Merge "Don't use duplicate stack names in DB unit tests" 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul 244a53d13e Merge "Squash database patches" 2 maanden geleden
  ricolin eb533876a3 Ignore not found when delete raw template 1 jaar geleden
  Zuul 38eb2e5389 Merge "fix logger names" 2 maanden geleden
  ricolin c3344970d5 Squash database patches 2 jaren geleden
  Zuul 3e5dc90540 Merge "Bump lower constraint of python-zunclient" 2 maanden geleden
  OpenStack Proposal Bot c5e60f6be8 Imported Translations from Zanata 2 maanden geleden
  matthew-fuller debff05779 PDF documentation build 2 maanden geleden
  Sampat P 169a35e059 Support domain in keystone lookups 6 maanden geleden
  Zuul b729cba6ca Merge "Support Ignition for userdata" 2 maanden geleden
  Feilong Wang f6249c0110 Support Ignition for userdata 2 maanden geleden
  Zuul dbe7e124db Merge "Update master for stable/train" 2 maanden geleden