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  Zane Bitter 629d1042c8 Update install docs for Keystone v3 5 months ago
  Elod Illes c49e0cbc3e Update tools/README.rst with bindep info 4 months ago
  Zane Bitter dd9bc3cd29 Unit tests: Fix wrong assert function name in port update 4 months ago
  Elod Illes d116b21696 Add local bindep.txt 4 months ago
  ricolin fdb5e892bf Add doc for multi-clouds support 7 months ago
  Zane Bitter d805e6b128 Ignore false positive Bandit test 4 months ago
  Zane Bitter 28975c7cd6 Disallow in-place update of Port MAC address 5 months ago
  Colleen Murphy 28dd8117ba Update keystone_authtoken config reference 5 months ago
  Zane Bitter 42bb1aae2e Don't use 'assert' keyword in unit tests 5 months ago
  Oleksiy Petrenko e377658586 Allow creating trusts with allow_redelegation 8 months ago
  Pierre Riteau 17138f6a38 Add Blazar custom constraint plugin 2 years ago
  Zuul 26f9c092f3 Merge "Update Python 3 test runtimes for Train" 5 months ago
  Pavlo Shchelokovskyy af7588600d Do not re-clone heat in devstack plugin 5 months ago
  Zuul 7472974179 Merge "Return None for attributes of sd with no actions" 5 months ago
  Zane Bitter d580565abf Fix regression with SW deployments when region not configured 5 months ago
  Rabi Mishra ee06110347 Return None for attributes of sd with no actions 5 months ago
  Zuul c4076e12c8 Merge "Ignore Not Found when deleting Keystone role assignment" 5 months ago
  Zane Bitter d50ded7395 Fix intermittent error in test_decrypt_dict_invalid_key 5 months ago
  Zuul 6323b173e8 Merge "Fix allowed address pair validation" 5 months ago
  Zuul 1616c09b13 Merge "Zun: fix an issue on command property" 5 months ago
  Tom Stappaerts 5e93b3e4cf Fix allowed address pair validation 6 months ago
  gao.hanxiang 011fa22c42 Blacklist bandit 1.6.0 and cap Sphinx on Python2 6 months ago
  Zane Bitter 8c67437378 Ignore Not Found when deleting Keystone role assignment 6 months ago
  ZhongShengping f66dac5c63 Update Python 3 test runtimes for Train 6 months ago
  Zuul 563616967d Merge "Add special user options for domain user" 6 months ago
  Zuul 38e43a0071 Merge "Dropping the py35 testing" 6 months ago
  Zuul c87fc9fb53 Merge "Retry on DB deadlock in event_create()" 6 months ago
  Pavlo Shchelokovskyy d695602397 Add special user options for domain user 6 months ago
  Rabi Mishra 6d6d766520 Don't send existing attributes in value_specs for neutron update 7 months ago
  Rabi Mishra 86e41a8a8f Fix upper-constraints.txt url 6 months ago
  Zuul a0c95d6f54 Merge "Switch to use opendev.org" 6 months ago
  Zuul 4e6751b561 Merge "Added release note for QosBandwithLimitRule direction property" 6 months ago
  Zuul f5a953b34b Merge "Added 'direction' prop to QoSBandwidthLimitRule" 6 months ago
  Zuul 2d617cb44c Merge "Add entry_point for oslo policy scripts" 6 months ago
  ricolin e829b3aec2 Switch to review.opendev.org 6 months ago
  ricolin 203bce9cd7 Switch to use opendev.org 6 months ago
  Rabi Mishra 5bdcaeff01 Add entry_point for oslo policy scripts 8 months ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 5782ce4c5a OpenDev Migration Patch 6 months ago
  Hongbin Lu fd152785a6 Zun: fix an issue on command property 6 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann 132457d447 Dropping the py35 testing 7 months ago
  Zane Bitter 335b7cf519 Add a non-racy check for unique stack names 8 months ago
  Zane Bitter 276dd95b3e Added release note for QosBandwithLimitRule direction property 7 months ago
  Rabi Mishra 87b4a92a62 Fix lower-constraints tox env to use proper constraints 7 months ago
  Rabi Mishra 46f595b462 Fix grenade regression introduced by multicloud support 7 months ago
  Volodymyr Litovka 13ebdedb5a Added 'direction' prop to QoSBandwidthLimitRule 7 months ago
  Rabi Mishra f2faa5e1ae Fix test_cloud_config for PyYAML 5.1 7 months ago
  Zuul 5bafd120bf Merge "Validate attributes schema" 7 months ago
  Zane Bitter aa58fbcacf Load existing resources using correct environment 7 months ago
  Zuul 7ffcda79da Merge "Handle unicode in constraints" 7 months ago
  Zane Bitter 41b9a650df Retry on DB deadlock in event_create() 7 months ago