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Author SHA1 Message Date 1e49aad113 Introduce Guru Meditation Reports into Heat 8 years ago
Julien Danjou 6015b725f7 Use pbr new autodoc feature 8 years ago
Pradeep Kumar Singh 355418374b Change "ReST" to "REST" in developer doc 8 years ago
Bill Arnold 2c1dc724ca Implements stack lifecycle scheduler hints 8 years ago
Anderson Mesquita cd54af3c67 Fix broken link to API reference 9 years ago
Randall Burt ded096ec24 Add documentation for creating a resource plug-in 9 years ago
Vijendar Komalla 601c0cc0e6 Add Heat API reference to developer docs 9 years ago
Jason Dunsmore 1d32cd9ce7 Add documentation for multi-engine 9 years ago
Jason Dunsmore cf4ffd8215 Rename scaleout_apis.rst -> scale_deployment.rst 9 years ago
Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz 82ba0dd68f Create a guide for scaling out Heat API's 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 83737d253d Add auto code api doc generation 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 4b578db8fb Fix all the sphinx-build warnings 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 08e04e6733 Add some docs for intrinsic functions. 9 years ago
Jeff Sloyer 6bfd774df8 add docs from the heat wiki 10 years ago
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