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Pavlo Shchelokovskyy cbac15dfa1 Do not pass around rich objects in Trove resources
As described by the ref'd bug, handle_* methods should not return rich
objects to check_*_complete. This patch fixed such violations in Trove
Istance and Trove Cluster resources.

Change-Id: I65b317a17827258acd11ffc08dc4f2fd5cca517c
Partial-Bug: #1393268
2015-04-24 15:38:54 -07:00
Tetiana Lashchova 3bc2392ad7 Add OS::Trove::Cluster resource
Implements: blueprint trove-cluster-resource

Change-Id: I881ff79daafc85ab0e6fedf39134df3623136874
2015-03-17 16:48:01 +02:00