8729 Commits (334b22929cc5c37ba48d86addca74ea087499afd)

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Sirushti Murugesan 334b22929c In-tree grenade support for Heat 6 years ago
Jenkins 74fe413631 Merge "Specify network for server in test_validation" 6 years ago
Jenkins df3845afbf Merge "Convergence: Fix stack status_reason" 6 years ago
Jenkins e6ecedca1a Merge "Updated from global requirements" 6 years ago
Angus Salkeld afe920e0ce Convergence: Fix stack status_reason 6 years ago
Jenkins ae0077df4d Merge "Circumvent utf-8 decode error by logging it" 6 years ago
Jenkins da7e583e4b Merge "Use percent sign as string formatting operator" 6 years ago
Jenkins 490c667c67 Merge "Add nova.network constraint to ManilaShareNetwork" 6 years ago
Jenkins 2842a454fe Merge "Prepare SignalResponder class for more signal types" 6 years ago
Jenkins 9971d84f83 Merge "Resource plugin for cinder volume encryption" 6 years ago
Jenkins a0dc575a29 Merge "Consolidates cinder unit tests" 6 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 7266d1d636 Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
Jenkins d53ac685d5 Merge "Remove (test-)requirements-py3.txt files" 6 years ago
Jenkins dec80b41a4 Merge "Add domain when list users in heat-keystone-setup-domain" 6 years ago
Sirushti Murugesan 8fea9a6e65 Circumvent utf-8 decode error by logging it 6 years ago
Jenkins a7cd870dc0 Merge "Add template-version-list" 6 years ago
Sirushti Murugesan 01e6713ee2 Remove (test-)requirements-py3.txt files 6 years ago
Ethan Lynn 6d8397f18a Add domain when list users in heat-keystone-setup-domain 6 years ago
Jenkins 08637b5e1c Merge "Convergence: Update stack attributes." 6 years ago
Jenkins 6bf1cd9f45 Merge "Convergence: Fix for finding best existing res" 6 years ago
Oleksii Chuprykov 70a7395cb9 Add template-version-list 6 years ago
Tetiana Lashchova 2539c38cca Use percent sign as string formatting operator 6 years ago
Oleksii Chuprykov fb208526af Add nova.network constraint to ManilaShareNetwork 6 years ago
Sergey Kraynev 0f196dc576 Specify network for server in test_validation 6 years ago
Jenkins abc73c485f Merge "Fixes JSON to YAML conversion bug" 6 years ago
Jenkins c207eaa223 Merge "Fix validation error for parameter group" 6 years ago
Jenkins 8a2235e93f Merge "Coverage: Full coverage for heat identifier" 6 years ago
Jenkins 10d0037531 Merge "Use public discover_extensions from novaclient" 6 years ago
Jenkins b8e7674c0c Merge "Add nova.network custom constraint" 6 years ago
Jenkins 4f433fcbc9 Merge "Removes redundant validation of template (1)" 6 years ago
Jenkins 10e291b2c3 Merge "Update logging according oslo.i18n recommendations" 6 years ago
Rakesh H S 52f13deb4e Resource plugin for cinder volume encryption 6 years ago
Rakesh H S 74fe300020 Consolidates cinder unit tests 6 years ago
Jenkins 6ed818fa3f Merge "Re-enable ceilometer alarm test" 6 years ago
Anant Patil 7caf2f16dd Convergence: Update stack attributes. 6 years ago
Anant Patil 05a40d9225 Convergence: Fix for finding best existing res 6 years ago
Jenkins 68f7a2dc82 Merge "Abstract handle_delete() for stack resource" 6 years ago
kylin7-sg fc8dbf8752 Use public discover_extensions from novaclient 6 years ago
Jenkins 69b692a09b Merge "Remove default of port_security_enabled" 6 years ago
Jenkins fa4ba5f9a1 Merge "Coverage: Full coverage for engine function methods" 6 years ago
Miguel Grinberg 0679458a59 Prepare SignalResponder class for more signal types 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra bb15fcc3be Fix validation error for parameter group 6 years ago
Jenkins 5ed6f96858 Merge "Fix config generator for oslo.service" 6 years ago
Jenkins 6a8fb271ca Merge "Use Zaqar for software-config transport" 6 years ago
Jenkins 21a420a2e0 Merge "Remove usage of sqlalchemy mutables" 6 years ago
Thomas Herve e2a64923c5 Remove default of port_security_enabled 6 years ago
Alexandr Nedopekin 8fb4050fef Update logging according oslo.i18n recommendations 6 years ago
Thomas Herve 12f22e9bb7 Re-enable ceilometer alarm test 6 years ago
Jenkins fc529025e9 Merge "Allow multiple lists for list_join intrinsic functions" 6 years ago
Jenkins e4a72cd92c Merge "Convergence: Update if the resource is CREATE_{COMPLETE,FAILED}" 6 years ago