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rabi 1f88c675c4 Remove tenant_safe flag from rpc and db api
We can use admin_context to have access to stacks
and software configs across projects. This removes
the tenant_safe flag from rpc and db api. This is
backward compatible with older rpc clients.

We still support use of global_tenant flag for listing
stacks and software configs. However, by default
an admin(user with admin role in admin_project)
would not need that.

Change-Id: I12303dbf30fb80290f95baba0c67cdf684f5f409
7 years ago
Steve Baker d4e270cd9f Create watch tasks in its own thread
This change moves the creation of stack watch tasks into its own thread
which retries until it has been done without error.

The intent is to prevent create_periodic_tasks from raising an error
when the database is not available, and retry stack watch creation until
the database becomes available.

Once execution gets past create_periodic_tasks() then systemd is
notified that the service is up, and heat will recover when the database
comes back.

Change-Id: I4d61022db505581f0c1b2feed009c56df18a9ee5
Closes-Bug: #1545885
7 years ago
ricolin 04bcee4945 Use EntityNotFound instead of WatchRuleNotFound
Replace and keep WatchRuleNotFound only for AWS compatibility.
Partial-Bug: #1515603

Change-Id: If5584de1c8f28efdc76d3b82b62f5c1af089285c
8 years ago
tengqm e8a777fd1a Split engine service test cases (8)
This patch splits the stack watch related unit tests into a separate
module. Some mox calls are replaced with mock calls where approriate.

It also moves the existing modules related to engine service tests
into a separate subdirectory. This is to make room for other unit
tests that are coming in.

Change-Id: I7ea61c22e017785c480d78d6c07132164ed0b889
8 years ago