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rabi 9c421a6725 Remove unnecessary shebangs from service scripts
These are just python files.

Also removes internal .gitignore in heat_integrationtests

Change-Id: Ibea3253cd89f905e61b655861274c61ab48a7ea0
5 years ago
rabi 6d55417f80 Remove CloudWatch API
This patch removes the API, the next set of patches in the
series would remove stack watch service and related
WatchRule implementation.

Change-Id: I8b0472be862907298c8da51f435b5d8b19610ec3
Partial-Bug: #1743707
5 years ago
rabi bcd8c814b7 Add httpd documentation and sample configs
This adds uwsgi sample configs and documentation for
deploying api services with httpd.

This moves the existing mod_wsgi sample configs from devtsack
folder as they are not specific to devstack.

Change-Id: I91fd64d9deba3371b62c00ba8b01a7aca21b2393
6 years ago
liyi 8f10215ffd Remove log translations
Log messages are no longer being translated. This removes all use of
the _LE, _LI, and _LW translation markers to simplify logging and to
avoid confusion with new contributions.


Change-Id: Ieec8028305099422e1b0f8fc84bc90c9ca6c694f
6 years ago
Michael Krotscheck 59ccb2f751 Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator
The default values needed for heat's implementation of cors
middleware have been moved from paste.ini into the configuration
hooks provided by oslo.config. Furthermore, these values have been
added to the default configuration parsing. This ensures
that if a value remains unset in heat.conf, it will be set
to use sane defaults, and that an operator modifying the
configuration file will be presented with a default set of
necessary sane headers.

Change-Id: Ie3791007b33788829417ce508a3c719ae626bbce
Closes-Bug: 1551836
7 years ago
Oleksii Chuprykov be613de636 Use pbr for installing wsgi scripts
Change-Id: Ia4f6536336d860b62be6fd42465cf63d59fe2760
Closes-Bug: #1500569
8 years ago
Peter Razumovsky 62485c7a7b Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/httpd
Implements bp docstring-improvements

Change-Id: I76f60bb743de8950328dfbad2a3d687d38b0b751
8 years ago
ricolin 2251af415b unify REST word
Representational State Transfer, by official definition the abbreviation
should be *REST* not *ReST*. We should make it unified.

Change-Id: Ia1e5c5145ab0db22fd9ff1393bf507648a31112b
8 years ago
Oleksii Chuprykov be020179ae Add apache2 support for heat API services
Add scripts for running API serces via apache2
This patch is needed for

Implements bp: run-heat-api-under-apache2
Change-Id: Ibef2d1f6bcedc8f58368b7752a4acc36c4296a1f
8 years ago