115 Commits (5bd856627ae77c29e96de2200c68e5822753b689)

Author SHA1 Message Date
rabi 5bd856627a Remove use of heat_watch_server_url 4 years ago
Huangsm fedba4dddf ForceDelete Instance 5 years ago
ricolin 47940c0eb4 Increase interface detach polling period 4 years ago
Zane Bitter 166ac7869f Increase interface detach polling period 4 years ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza d14d9202e3 Avoid cloudwatch endpoint retrieve when disabled 4 years ago
huangtianhua 99b6187f3a Update security groups for server interfaces 4 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam 1269de4b4a Add tag for server nic 4 years ago
rabi e8e0a2483a Fix python-novaclient 8.0.0 related issues 4 years ago
huangtianhua 4400dab447 Catch all exceptions when getting console url attribute 4 years ago
huangtianhua d5f2944f4c Supports string values 'none' and 'auto' for networks 5 years ago
huangtianhua 17fcaa72fd Allow to specify 'user' for keypair resource 5 years ago
huangtianhua 7f4a64e0aa Support to get webmks console url for server 5 years ago
liyi 8f10215ffd Remove log translations 5 years ago
huangtianhua 10f135d4db Use public and unified method get_console_url() 5 years ago
ShunliZhou 219bb0c8e9 Add soft policy for nova server group 5 years ago
huangtianhua 62e72a2879 Check detach_interface/attach_interface complete 5 years ago
rabi 7bf459598a Don't try detach interface when server not found 5 years ago
huangtianhua 587d12897f Use correct charset when create a text/* type MIME 5 years ago
huangtianhua 18178ce0ac Make sure heat works with novaclient 7.0.0 5 years ago
rabi 2f317af1be Use metadata and personality with server rebuild 5 years ago
huangtianhua d4307b5d2b Allows to create x509 keypair 5 years ago
huangtianhua 16be8bae35 Do not set the mime-type for userdata 5 years ago
Boden R 756dda72d4 Replace retrying with tenacity 5 years ago
Peter Razumovsky ce64d23e49 Add support different versions for nova client 5 years ago
rabi df71486c2c Pass region_name to session client 5 years ago
rabi cd125f328e Use keystone session from context in client plugin 5 years ago
Zane Bitter 5566e6f2c8 Get rid of gratuitous use of six.iterkeys() 5 years ago
huangtianhua a07dccebe0 Migrate to nova api version 2.1 5 years ago
Rabi Mishra 9305478141 Resolve name/id using translation rules for Server 6 years ago
huangtianhua 163d46bdc8 Fix prepare_for_replace/restore_prev_rsrc handing for server 6 years ago
Sergey Kraynev 29d6c8e1bf Get watch_url via get_heat_cfn_url 6 years ago
Jason Dunsmore 4c39723fd1 Add retries to Nova client methods for connection errors 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra 54aa3ea5e1 Use caching for resource name/id finders 6 years ago
Pratik Mallya eeb52c5c4c Add image/flavor validation to OS::Nova::Server 6 years ago
Steven Hardy 32b4944fa6 Make metadata_server_url config optional 6 years ago
ricolin 2ca6914d1c Replace logging lib 6 years ago
LiuNanke 208d2debd0 Using LOG.warning replace LOG.warn 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra 32ddfbfa48 Use flavors.get when finding with id 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra c3a8cc4197 Use flavors.find interface to find flavors 6 years ago
ricolin bed7e1f7c9 Use specified client service name for client usage 6 years ago
ricolin c265494a98 Add validate_with_client in BaseCustomConstraint 6 years ago
ricolin b7b0a3e637 Use EntityNotFound instead of FlavorMissing 6 years ago
ricolin 743f470f10 Use EntityNotFound instead of UserKeyPairMissing 6 years ago
ricolin ffe0b38077 Add nova.host constraint 6 years ago
dixiaoli b0f758ef2e Remove the unnecessary log message 6 years ago
ricolin 65d890174c Use EntityNotFound instead of NovaNetworkNotFound. 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra 4e909f0d88 Add caching for nova extensions 6 years ago
Rabi Mishra 1af943aae7 Make nova resources available based on os-api ext 6 years ago
Pratik Mallya fecc2bacb5 Check if os-interface extension is present before saving ports 6 years ago
Pratik Mallya 46d8c276b7 Check if os-interface extension is present before saving ports 6 years ago