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Steven Hardy ba00a025d4 heat engine : create boto config via instance userdata
Create boto config via instance userdata, which the instance
cfntools can read instead of /etc/boto.cfg, avoids messy post
install sed-mangling in the templates

Change-Id: Ic94bfc2e362a3a3f93b9bdeaad6a5f988371346e
Signed-off-by: Steven Hardy <>
11 years ago
Steven Hardy 318f233c54 heat templates : Add boto config to HA templates
Add boto config to HA/IHA templates as it's now required for
authenticated cfn-push-stats which uses the CloudWatch API

Signed-off-by: Steven Hardy <>

Change-Id: I8670f6774834e9f41870240496fe74728306cf17
11 years ago
Zane Bitter e1c0b4eafc Change templates to launch F17 (not F16) by default
Change-Id: If8b97e85f2dca5251145a8eebb184e43e25a34ea
Signed-off-by: Zane Bitter <>
11 years ago
Angus Salkeld 3c6e40f2bb Make a template that demonstrates instance monitoring and restarting.
We use cfn-push-stats to send a heartbeat and if we don't get
it within the set interval we restart the instance.

Other changes to make this work:
- clear the waitcondition when it is deleted.
- set the resource id to None when deleted, else it won't re-create
- don't run watch alarms if the stack is not completed.

Change-Id: I5dfc8b372f557cf43379c6c5b7436d1010f83e3c
Signed-off-by: Angus Salkeld <>
11 years ago