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yuntongjin 4154ce7578 Switch to oslo.policy
Switch to the first official release of oslo.policy.

Change-Id: Ibf3bf061d41a6c3d050d4a5d562039bff734bda9
Closes-Bug: #1421863
8 years ago
Thomas Herve c29af45c33 Sync oslo incubator
Sync with oslo incubator at commit
This fixes an issue with heat engine shutdown.

Change-Id: Ie29a7781eb06ee58eb347c924b9110100ddd56f9
8 years ago
Tetiana Lashchova 4ace95ad47 Use six.iterkeys(x) instead of x.keys()
Implements: partial blueprint heat-python34-support
Change-Id: I6f1c3091ca65dbef0f36bd6ba7f7fcbf77ff2e40
8 years ago
Kamil Rykowski ad2ed9bc5f Update openstack-common reference in openstack/common/README
The README file under the openstack/common directory references to
openstack-common, but the link points to oslo-incubator (which is
correct). Update the file, so it use oslo-incubator instead of

Change-Id: I7bd165772e4c3043cf4f08048dd2730eee7e2b06
Closes-Bug: 1434370
8 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam 639e0ed205 oslo-incubator sync
Syncs heat with oslo-incubator project.

Change-Id: I52c8b543294c53ab99b78d1514e9150785d066d0
8 years ago
Angus Salkeld 5eea2226e0 Don't use a different thread local store to oslo.log
Context logging does not work if we don't do it in a way that
oslo.log can pick up the context.

- Use the thread local storage from the base RequestContext class.
- Use the helper method context.get_current() as appropriate
- Update the custom_backend_auth.
- Remove heat/openstack/common/ as it is now not used.

Change-Id: I64f6af5090e98579b93a616bc79f4aaa6cd2b2ee
Closes-bug: 1435588
8 years ago
Jens Rosenboom a99fe6a760 Make import of oslo libraries namespaceless

Closes-Bug: 1423174
Change-Id: I48680ce6e7ce91005c147ab4388203946171d433
8 years ago
Steven Hardy f18cd9ae83 Sync oslo-incubator and remove log module
Sync to oslo-incubator at 0314366, and remove the (now removed) - this has graduated to oslo_log, which heat now uses.

Change-Id: Ifbccde85674396830bc89821d6f25c6d8d193629
8 years ago
Jenkins 9a21eb61dc Merge "Cleanup heat/openstack/common" 9 years ago
Thomas Herve ec6ff6f670 Use oslo.config generator
Replace usage of old incubator configuration generator by the
oslo.config tool.

tools/config/ has been replaced by tox -egenconfig.

heat_integrationtests/ has been replaced by

Change-Id: I6d95df203b556c8ec2088d40a446427f7087b9a7
9 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy ffa61cca63 Cleanup heat/openstack/common
Remove jsonutils, strutils and timeutils modules.
They are not tracked in openstack-common.conf.
First two were not used anywhere, and single usage of timeutils is fixed
to use oslo.utils.

Change-Id: I368728e486bc7b05c0768df17123a0efad078efb
9 years ago
Jenkins e930bc2887 Merge "Use oslo.context" 9 years ago
Julien Danjou 5fcea9a99b Switch to oslo.utils.uuidutils
Change-Id: Ic619df29a5d2bec4056380efcb21e3f304f131ea
9 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 936e34bf6f Use oslo.context
oslo-incubator.context has been ported to oslo.context, now we can
remove openstack.commn.context

Change-Id: Ie3729dcb494befe597a484e61e1cf92e1366bf6f
9 years ago
Tetiana Lashchova 213ed63a24 Remove gettextutils import
Change-Id: I48846926cc5eb2a1f81db6a2becb310bdf61daa7
Closes-Bug: #1404206
9 years ago
Thomas Herve a322a95ab1 Sync oslo modules
Synchronize oslo modules, removing unsed gettextutils and fixing tests
for policy module change.

Change-Id: I2fbb3668522eabea9a6408ccd2f3c3d76645e2ee
9 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 9467686c6e Remove unused module excutils
Partial-Bug: #1380629
Change-Id: I73ef120aa2c432a55c781875a1dc8f8ff2054f98
9 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 9aa35e0860 Remove unused module processutils
Change-Id: I251fc61cd593220fdcb7cea9d69d46c5128286b6
Partial-Bug: #1380629
9 years ago
Steven Hardy 2df03f6849 Remove oslo sslutils
This module isn't referenced in openstack-common.conf and is unused
so remove it

Change-Id: I602f40c511095818a8aee5f342029993bd470de4
Partial-Bug: #1380629
9 years ago
Steven Hardy 52e42e4f42 Remove oslo middleware.base module
This is deprecated and no longer used since the move to oslo.middleware

Change-Id: I43be148e551cd483ff8791191a610cb5e346daef
Partial-Bug: #1380629
9 years ago
Steven Hardy 3a1cd7c893 sync oslo-incubator for request_id shim
Sync 838a2a3 oslo-incubator to get the new request_id shim, so
can introduce a deprecation warning that tells operators upgrading
from Juno that their paste.ini files need to point to oslo.middleware

This also syncs all other modules, except policy, which looks like it
needs some changes to heat thus will be handled via another patch.

Note we shouldn't remove this request_id shim until after Kilo is

Change-Id: I35125ffa263b0522ff6dd0b80b0beb3cbc79999b
Related-Bug: #1380629
9 years ago
Steven Hardy 0dc7e293b7 Remove unused oslo lockutils module
This isn't specified in openstack-common.conf and is unused,
so remove it.

Change-Id: Iff88b6b68b9c9c739e96f4bf6a9de83e4c4de812
Partial-Bug: #1380629
9 years ago
Ethan Lynn 11c1b62052 Remove deprecated function i18n.install('heat')
Since i18n.install() is deprecated, remove it from heat codes and
import i18n._() to where it needed.

blueprint oslo-i18n
Change-Id: Icefada18b5a33112b425cd90d31d3a6a5f06188a
9 years ago
Julien Danjou a114803233 Remove unused network_utils
This module is not used anymore.

Change-Id: I5205ec64c107cf59d04ca4dfbf3fe7367d5f8378
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 2a51ee7449 Migrate to oslo.db
Move from oslo-incubator db module to oslo.db

Change-Id: I485375e3defc807e1fc272803a064b2c52e8ac13
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 9090b988e6 Port to oslo.messaging
Move from oslo RPC to oslo.messaging.

Implements: blueprint oslo-messaging
Change-Id: I2d222c248dd2cd405b8ec35c4c8198ed001fb69f
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 680f5da8b1 Sync oslo incubator
Sync oslo at c306bc19150fe6e58b088a713c8f45ba4c693496 to help
oslo.messaging transition. It also fixes how the oslo middleware module
is included, and remove the deprecated test module.

Change-Id: I2b44ba24e5a3445db6ffb9c56089ae282f3620b1
9 years ago
Mitsuru Kanabuchi 31604c71a1 Sync oslo-incubator.middleware module
This syncing has contained oslo-incubator.middleware module
to get capability of x-openstack-request-id.

Change-Id: I8e3b7d23bc1def705a0399bbd5015241a0fba8b1
Partial-Bug: #1324065
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 7f7817c157 Sync with oslo incubator
Sync with oslo incubator at 45890dae35cd14a25175cdce7c12a5f9acbd712f

Change-Id: I44ecc69f1d952061be7cb2f41678b879ded93eae
9 years ago
Russell Bryant 3597ffca77 Ensure routing key is specified in the address for a direct producer
This change is already merged in oslo-incubator.  Original commit
message body includes:

    Porting this fix from oslo.messaging.  This fixes the
    driver to allow it to work with the latest stable upstream QPID broker
    (version 0.28).  See the Apache Qpid Jira bug

Change-Id: If71f78e50f8a9b3acfd1e9d02c8271f17c4ebee7
Related-Bug: #1300318
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 7b589f9000 Sync oslo incubator
Sync with oslo incubator at commit
ea9ead81417e942495f3cc19be400801e7aa9cb4 to get the new config generator
script options.

Change-Id: I52e006325d5cf7ea731d85a73fb7c3675f1f7e41
9 years ago
Jenkins ad709ebf70 Merge "Clean up openstack-common.conf" 9 years ago
Jason Dunsmore 5dca8ff3fb Update olso modules
Now at oslo commit a08a622bc68c34291a116f7073511b02585d1c17

Change-Id: Ifd335dac76cdb880661cbd6378438fcebaf295cf
9 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 0c0eb41310 Clean up openstack-common.conf
oslo-incubator will introduce new integrity check in [1].
That will help developer find inconsistent issue while copying
from oslo-incubator. The check just outputs warnings. These are
changes according to warning:
 * remove unused module py3kcompat
 * add missing module context, processutils in openstack-common.conf
 * sort the modules in openstack-common.conf

Change-Id: I2fea01148f6ad268a5fcfdaa788e30d6fcb48c3f
Related-Bug: #1295582
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 070528e2ad Use the new oslotest library
There is a new support library extracted from oslo incubator: the patch
starts using it and removes deprecated modules.

Change-Id: I3839af20613ff6ab905dddb8fc4be65654c6e949
9 years ago
Mitsuru Kanabuchi ea911b0210 Update openstack-common in prep for graceful stop
Now at oslo-incubator version 95c7598917c7cd16f68a253a2048c21b3df9dfda

Change-Id: I2655ba2b9a0fb5048576f2b738d2af52c76c1d05
Partial-Bug: #1304244
9 years ago
Thomas Herve aef33d2d71 Sync oslo incubator
Synchronize all olso modules, removing the ones that were removed that
we don't use anymore.

Change-Id: Idca29b32ef0561c9c436d5a692a02acbe79027b1
9 years ago
Andrey Kurilin cfcbc994d3 Sync latest oslo.db code
Common db code was updated in oslo. The most important thing is that
engine instances don't stored anymore in oslo.db - ce69e7f.
This patch moves methods `get_engine` and `get_session` to module

Latest commit in oslo related to db module:

Change-Id: Iaa2e9ba26e824c678c698914170e3dffbf1c5c95
9 years ago
Jenkins 638158a9a4 Merge "Cherry pick oslo-incubator db fixes" 9 years ago
Jenkins d951d9eb58 Merge "Make the first line of every file consistent." 9 years ago
Thomas Herve 4f9b62a2a5 Cherry pick oslo-incubator db fixes
The patch cherrypicks 2 fixes related to utf8 migration:

 * Ib5c0f93c788afda92aad862e50dc086dc39605f1: Ignore migrate versioning tables in utf8 sanity check

 * I7f271d846141ac72dde3fb0d12159b125018eb2c: Make table utf-8 charset checking be optional for DB migration

Change-Id: Icb811e846c05f863a42611054f2e3f30a47573db
Closes-Bug: #1301036
9 years ago
Thomas Herve 04e24eeb8a Cherry pick oslo rpc HA fixes
Get 2 commits from oslo-rpc fixing HA failover:

* Ia148baa6e1ec632789ac3621c85173c2c16f3918 (fixed HA failover, Qpid
* I67923cb024bbd143edc8edccf35b9b400df31eb3 (fixed HA failover, RabbitMQ

Change-Id: I45f679f3da720a0c28fb552d9f4cfb3d8bd21c20
Closes-Bug: #1261631
9 years ago
Jason Dunsmore af464c9afc Make the first line of every file consistent.
Change-Id: I2e1a809cfca8e88693551d58d33e747f54ee5eb1
9 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) 7c3200a508 Update Oslo wiki link in README
Use latest Oslo wiki link.

Change-Id: I6cedf162d66f7b5e339282f3086fd67839d761db
9 years ago
Jenkins e7fd5a71a0 Merge "Fix misspellings in heat" 9 years ago
Shane Wang 8a688c0aaa Fix misspellings in heat
Fix misspellings detected by:
* pip install misspellings
* git ls-files | grep -v locale | misspellings -f -

Change-Id: I554143f00fe82154472e7eb6391291730dd3ddd4
Closes-Bug: #1257295
Closes-Bug: #1277515
9 years ago
Ian McLeod 472c144067 Don't raise MySQL 2013 'Lost connection' errors
cherry pick, including original commit message below from
oslo-incubator commit:


Closes bug: 1275838

Although this code error is part of the `ping_listener` tests, it was
missing from the list of known - and ignored - connection errors.

The code error 2013 refers to a connection lost during a query, see:

Without this error code, the session won't try to reconnect to mysql,
which makes `max_retries` useless.

Change-Id: Id8a1c0665468b503b092c4f01ffd40e2be9c6fa9
9 years ago
Angus Salkeld fb5ae220d4 Update oslo db
This is to get the schema check that was added.

- updated to commit: 8dee4b6f04523d71d2011243875865ebb1508eb6
- but this excludes the following commit:

Change-Id: Ia8e2faaac53f41ab12b51334a8564f7eed72f8e4
9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 2f8542503f Update olso gettextutils
This is done seperately as it requires function calls to be changed.
Updated to commit: 8dee4b6f04523d71d2011243875865ebb1508eb6

Change-Id: Ia5613c6e7064dd80580bb6bec35ffd6f991f9aee
9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 80e0cbdeaf Update base oslo modules
Updated to oslo commit: 8dee4b6f04523d71d2011243875865ebb1508eb6

Change-Id: Iae7af32022c5527cbf186868723b90bf148bf18c
9 years ago