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Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 51bbf37314 Fix some files permissions
these files in Heat repo had been eroneousely set as executables

Change-Id: Ibcb142e30461aefb321d60d311a8b72c90db52a4
2015-08-26 12:11:27 +03:00
Michal Jastrzebski dea0897f45 First objects - stack and raw template
Implementation of oslo.versionedobjects.
This commit consists basic mechanism and first objects.
This should be base of implementation versoning to other objects

Implements: blueprint versioned-objects

Co-Authored-By: ShaoHe Feng <>
Co-Authored-By: Grzegorz Grasza <>

Change-Id: I554162cf3681fe559c75f54c61c6f32c91f5c2f8
2015-03-11 13:56:38 +01:00