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Crag Wolfe 0550659f5f Store resource attributes in the DB
Store resource attributes that may be cached in the DB, saving the
cost of re-resolving them later. This works for most resources,
specifically those that do not override the get_attribute() method.

Change-Id: I71f8aa431a60457326167b8c82adc03ca750eda6
Partial-Bug: #1660831
2017-06-21 20:18:46 -04:00
Crag Wolfe fdddc28f9d Lazy-load resource_properties_data for events
Typically when retrieving a large number of events, we don't need to
load resource_properties_data for each event.

Change-Id: I6564fea91d19c24409075152a614cc036dc1ee34
2017-02-06 19:11:30 -08:00
Crag Wolfe 1ea6bb8bf6 Add the ResourcePropertiesData object
Prepare for the future when both resources and events refer to
ResourcePropertiesData rather than store the data themselves.

Change-Id: I0c5aefa9d73e1281e6477d46fe181d8948aee71b
2016-12-22 10:29:07 -08:00