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Thomas Herve 84067dba88 Remove db.api wrapper
The db.api module provides a useless indirection to the only
implementation we ever had, sqlalchemy. Let's use that directly instead
of the wrapper.

Change-Id: I80353cfed801b95571523515fd3228eae45c96ae
2016-12-13 09:40:29 +01:00
Steve Baker 9e007acc44 Add context to stack lock function arguments
Context is added as the first argument to stack_lock_* db functions
but is currently ignored for getting the session used for stack lock

This is required later for bug 1479723 but is added in its own change
here to ease reviewing load.

Change-Id: Ieb3e4e2ee67150777cbe1e961d0d1806cf1f7e46
Related-Bug: #1479723
2016-06-22 10:45:04 +12:00
Grzegorz Grasza dfdbc99d8f Add OBJ_PROJECT_NAMESPACE for Heat project
This code will be used when objects are registered and serialized.

Change-Id: I9d9095bc40e61a104ebea5042f4eb75d16d27d69
Partial-Bug: 1491258
2016-01-22 21:53:51 +00:00
Peter Razumovsky 9176a36f10 Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/objects
Implements bp docstring-improvements

Change-Id: I4038f6695e4d4e9aae2cc6ac9b8830fccd9bfa53
2015-10-08 15:13:52 +03:00
Ethan Lynn 6bc753582b Set stack status to FAILED when engine is down
When stack is in status IN_PROGRESS and engine service went down,
the status of stack will forever remain in IN_PROGRESS. This patch
add a db apid to get engine_id from stacklock and try to reset the
stack status to FAILED when engine is back.

Closes-Bug: #1382320
Change-Id: Ica856bb0d56c23a4423fb9476c1986aaacf24108
2015-04-02 11:54:05 +08:00
Kanagaraj Manickam 4caf36905c Versioned-object StackLock
Adds the object-version support for StackLock

Implements blueprint versioned-objects

Change-Id: I1aab01ca3ab686a81284f1e5afe05b2b5720a9ea
2015-03-23 10:02:29 +05:30