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Thomas Herve 4a500125b3 Sleep between check_resource calls 6 years ago
Thomas Herve 84067dba88 Remove db.api wrapper 6 years ago
gengchc2 279ad22dcc Fix a typo in 6 years ago
Anant Patil 6dc3ab9b01 Deletion of in-progress stack 6 years ago
Anant Patil 0f48b1d66c Convergence: Run scenario tests synchronously 6 years ago
Jay Dobies c2d8a15b24 Add environment_files to REST and RPC APIs 7 years ago
Peter Razumovsky c4b0ced813 Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/tests 7 years ago
Sirushti Murugesan a81a99c52b py34: heat.tests.mistral/convergence 7 years ago
tyagi f38dc98ffd convergence scenario tests 7 years ago