173 Commits (ede47008bcfe3acef2050476b42ae6a3bedb7a67)

Author SHA1 Message Date
OpenStack Release Bot aa6e1d5178 Update TOX/UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/train 2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 208cdfea39 Update api-ref location 2 years ago
Elod Illes d116b21696 Add local bindep.txt 2 years ago
ZhongShengping f66dac5c63 Update Python 3 test runtimes for Train 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra 86e41a8a8f Fix upper-constraints.txt url 2 years ago
ricolin 203bce9cd7 Switch to use opendev.org 2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 132457d447 Dropping the py35 testing 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra 87b4a92a62 Fix lower-constraints tox env to use proper constraints 2 years ago
Doug Hellmann 8ae5f8657b change the dist name to 'openstack-heat' 3 years ago
Nguyen Van Trung d60514f86e Don't quote {posargs} in tox.ini 3 years ago
ricolin 7991199542 Support py36 for test in tox 3 years ago
Dao Cong Tien e8824a2c93 Adds doc8 check to pep8 3 years ago
Zane Bitter 76ec5af884 Docs: Eliminate warnings in docs generation 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 55d1f4006c fix tox python3 overrides 3 years ago
Zane Bitter 8f76a10cae tox: Don't delete Python3 .pyc files 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann 337d83ccde add lower-constraints job 3 years ago
ricolin e82bb7f330 Create doc/requirements.txt 4 years ago
rabi f91686c3a7 Fix coverage run with tox -ecover 4 years ago
rabi 6d55417f80 Remove CloudWatch API 4 years ago
ricolin 41cc012b34 Allow run tests for both tempest plugin and regression tests 4 years ago
rabi 93746a9b28 Use stestr for unit tests 4 years ago
ricolin b171490450 [policy in code] Part 1 Base framework 4 years ago
yushangbin bcc6000093 Remove install-guide env which is no longer effective 4 years ago
ricolin d9df974d7d Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments 5 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 3ae6afa449 Remove subunit-trace fork 4 years ago
Eric Brown dc5cf45d4b Remove bandit.yaml in favor of default config 4 years ago
gengchc2 21bf937a4b Remove support for py34 for heat 5 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 6529a2ebd7 Fix api-ref build with Sphinx 1.5 4 years ago
Zane Bitter 6555455cbc Revert "Using os-testr to get better report" 5 years ago
Aaron-DH d7f2d4f23e Using os-testr to get better report 5 years ago
liusheng 24d820dc25 Enable coverage report 5 years ago
pawnesh.kumar 98f2372937 Don't include openstack/common in flake8 exclude list 5 years ago
Prince Katiyar 728646e165 delete python bytecode including pyo before every test run 5 years ago
AvnishPal cfb07cb459 Use upper constraints for all jobs in tox.ini 5 years ago
Steve Baker fff6518e69 Run heat_integrationtests as a tempest plugin 5 years ago
Steve Baker 2af6c6ffdc Do not use env var conf defaults 5 years ago
Steve Baker d21be7dedc Depend on tempest in test-requirements.txt 5 years ago
PanFengyun d0f72accf2 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn 2e6ce70695 Always use upper-constraints 5 years ago
Petr Kovar 3a93b123ac Add install-guide for heat 5 years ago
Sven Anderson 1d8a6a9632 Let setup.py compile_catalog process all language files 5 years ago
Jay Dobies 4170566618 Migrate API documentations into the Heat tree 5 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy dd50ac6352 Create integration tests requirements on the fly 6 years ago
zhangguoqing 2ef91a7e77 hacking log warn 5 years ago
Peter Razumovsky 874a9ba7da Implement custom guidelines 6 years ago
Bo Wang cad6597ff3 Enable pep8 to check files in directory tools 6 years ago
chen-li f2bf26581f Pass environment variables of proxy to tox 6 years ago
ricolin 46a102c2d1 Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
Peter Razumovsky 1a972838ba Remove [H405] and [H404] ignoring in tox.ini 6 years ago
Sirushti Murugesan 3f635a26a4 py34: Get rid of py3-testlist 6 years ago