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Sirushti Murugesan 252ce059c7 Convergence: Check-Resource skeleton
Currently, the patch does the following:

Kicks off workflow from stack.update_or_create:
  Once the dependency graph is calculated, the leaves
  of the graph are all casted into the RPC worker bus.

Worker RPC check_resource worfklow:
  Workers will then start working on each resource
  individually. Once a resource operation is finished,
  sync points are used to check if the parent resource
  can be worked on. Resources that finish early will
  wait for their siblings to finish. The sibling that
  finishes last will trigger the creation/updation/deletion
  of it's parent. This process then goes on for all nodes
  until the roots of the graph are processed.

Marks stack as complete when roots have finished.
  Once the roots of the graph are successfully processed,
  the previous raw template which was needed for rollback
  in case something went wrong will now be deleted from the
  database. The stack is then marked as complete.

Largely follows the convergence prototype code in

Implements blueprint convergence-check-workflow

Change-Id: I67cfdc452ba406198c96afba57aa4e756408105d
2015-06-02 00:52:36 +05:30
Sirushti Murugesan 8e5c35d897 Remove return for rpc casts in rpc worker client
RPC casts never return anything, only RPC calls do,
so remove the misleading return in the worker client.

Change-Id: I82e2ead0b350be42f808f6cb6b9b57b786aeadcf
2015-03-24 23:17:19 +05:30
Kanagaraj Manickam cb66169200 Convergence message bus
Provides the convergence message bus for heat-engine.

Implements: blueprint convergence-message-bus

Change-Id: I19b9edc9f17c881b542926783c8918e536d12ec5
2015-02-23 12:29:53 +05:30