11 Commits (ee8da54dbcd89d9b9794e1a0d8c8914b288d117d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
huangtianhua 8a4df57c37 Change namespace 'ceilometer' to 'aodh' 6 years ago
huangtianhua 4a79f7ca53 Migrate to aodh for OS::Ceilometer::Alarm 6 years ago
huangtianhua faec3a0962 Decouple hot and cfn for outputs 6 years ago
Peter Razumovsky 1343598890 Add Dimensions Default in AWS_CloudWatch_Alarm.yaml 8 years ago
Rabi Mishra ce62bdc192 Fix default template for AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm with Ceilometer 8 years ago
Angus Salkeld 4dc987eff3 Repeat Ceilometer alarm actions by default 9 years ago
Bartosz Górski 7afd1f4285 Rename counter_name to meter_name in alarm 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 3734484056 Change the dbinstance to F19 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 13b7f54ad8 Move dbinstance into a TemplateResource 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld c60a60614b Rename OS::Metering::Alarm to OS::Ceilometer::Alarm 9 years ago
Angus Salkeld 8711651fc3 Add a CloudWatch::Alarm implementation based on Ceilometer 9 years ago