187 Commits (ee8da54dbcd89d9b9794e1a0d8c8914b288d117d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
yatin befafa3328 Remove SSLMiddleware from oslo.config namespace 5 years ago
ricolin b171490450 [policy in code] Part 1 Base framework 5 years ago
Jesse Pretorius e5e352f25d Add default configuration files to data_files 5 years ago
huangtianhua c3546d9309 * Add new HOT version for Queens release 5 years ago
Matthew Edmonds 1d02822c0f fix heat_keystoneclient config gen 5 years ago
Zane Bitter c26f367b03 Remove broken heat.resource_type custom constraint 5 years ago
rabi e8e0a2483a Fix python-novaclient 8.0.0 related issues 5 years ago
AleptNmarata f4c213519e Implement Zun client plugin 5 years ago
rabi a466f2a56f Add segment property for subnet 5 years ago
rabi 5ad8241f98 Add openstacksdk plugin 5 years ago
ricolin 054add9b95 Add constraint for cluster template 5 years ago
Zane Bitter 2a887c06d8 Add new HOT version for Pike release 5 years ago
gengchc2 21bf937a4b Remove support for py34 for heat 5 years ago
Alfredo Moralejo 071fa9a5f9 Remove domains *-log-* from compile_catalog 5 years ago
Ethan Lynn 91a7a413d3 Add policies property to cluster resource 6 years ago
Dmitriy Uvarenkov 0266de616c Add sahara constraints 6 years ago
Kanagaraj Manickam d6150661dc Add designate recordset support 6 years ago
Zane Bitter 626d7fc540 Add a zaqar.queue custom constraint 6 years ago
tengqm 0f2f9c2155 Remove oslo-incubator modules 6 years ago
Dan Prince 1486289a75 heat-all: all-in-one heat launcher 6 years ago
mohankumar_n 9180d7b07a Add networking-sfc port-chain resource plug-in 6 years ago
ricolin aa90b5a7ec Add a new HOT template version for Ocata 6 years ago
mohankumar_n 0dbe25a2b1 Add networking-sfc port-pair-group resource plug-in 6 years ago
ricolin 3fbc60e65a Add cinder qos specs constraint 6 years ago
Zane Bitter e154961e45 Include heat_integrationtests in setup.py install 6 years ago
Steve Baker 00a1814d5e Register heat tempest plugin 6 years ago
huangtianhua 70c4ab3fcf Support 'conditions' section for templates 6 years ago
Dmitriy Uvarenkov 70422e6de4 New common constraint 'Expiration' 6 years ago
gengchc2 61bda3a08a modify the home-page info with the developer documentation 6 years ago
PanFengyun d0f72accf2 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 6 years ago
rabi 5797d34ccd Add dns constraints 6 years ago
Jason Dunsmore 152b03b09b Add default release names for template versions 6 years ago
huangtianhua 690b1a4887 Add aodh client plugin 6 years ago
Dmitriy Uvarenkov fb76364d64 Add constraint for Security Group 6 years ago
Jay Dobies f5c32ad8fd Added heat.resource_type custom constraint 6 years ago
ricolin 43b83b8a44 Remove heat.openstack.common.notifier supports 6 years ago
rabi e0e92b9d6d Move heat_keystoneclient to clients package 6 years ago
huangtianhua 1d6cc2d18e Provides 'equals' intrinsic function 6 years ago
Sven Anderson 1d8a6a9632 Let setup.py compile_catalog process all language files 6 years ago
huangtianhua 018bbd6a3c Add a new HOT template version for Newton 6 years ago
Dmitriy Uvarenkov c4c33c2348 Added constraint for mistral workflow 6 years ago
Dmitriy Uvarenkov 9597110591 Added constraint for barbican order 6 years ago
Michael Krotscheck 59ccb2f751 Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator 6 years ago
Jay Dobies 8140d275fb Alphabetized heat.constraints for cleanliness 6 years ago
Ethan Lynn f3a0502830 Add senlin constraints 6 years ago
Sergey Kraynev fbb1a49424 Add test for performance in constraint validation 6 years ago
Oleksii Chuprykov f9b4ba4d7c Add OS::Barbican::*Container 6 years ago
Thomas Herve 4f3246db45 Event transport 7 years ago
Javeme cb07090ece replace deprecated oslo_messaging _impl_messaging 7 years ago
Ethan Lynn de61800811 Add neutron provider constraints 7 years ago