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13 Commits (f2cc2b6ba2466f5da9929ccec6ba99f090a99e00)

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rabi 4a75a778e1 Switch to neutron-* service names 5 years ago
rabi 4748dbc4b1 Stop testing neutron-lbaas in gate jobs 5 years ago
Thomas Herve 84bb0a0fe6 Download octavia image in tests 5 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy e5a9e8b966 Remove obsolete identity-v3-only job 5 years ago
Kien Nguyen 2efa4c7e82 Change transport_url in grenade-multinode job 5 years ago
rabi d69afedbc6 Enable octavia services for gate testing 5 years ago
ricolin ee56adbd79 Update Zuul branch limit 5 years ago
rabi 31ffa13932 Use heat-tempest-plugin in grenade job 5 years ago
rabi 0cbfac7a99 Use heat-tempest-plugin for integration tests 5 years ago
ricolin 0b572b39e4 Migrate grenade jobs to zuul v3 5 years ago
ricolin 82665998d3 Migrate functional jobs to Zuul v3 5 years ago