OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Files in this directory are general developer tools or examples of how to do certain activities.

If you're running on Fedora, see the instructions at



This script drops the heat database from mysql in the case of developer data corruption or erasing heat.


(bulk) convert AWS CloudFormation templates written in JSON to HeatTemplateFormatVersion YAML templates

Package lists

Lists of Linux packages to install in order to successfully run heat's unit test suit on a clean new Linux distribution.


list of DEB packages as of Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty


list of RPM packages as of Fedora 20

Review dashboards

Generate gerrit review URL for heat. This can pop up some patches that might requires reviews. You can generate it with following command under gerrit-dash-creator repo ( )

$ ./gerrit-dash-creator heat.dash

The sample of heat.dash can be found under ./dashboards/

Get the output URL and add it to your gerrit menu (at