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Jenkins e32c74a1df
Merge "Sleep between check_resource calls"
6 years ago
api Fix missing spaces in strings 6 years ago
cloudinit Validate that python3 is ready for loguserdata 7 years ago
cmd Add heat-manage subcommand to migrate legacy prop. data 6 years ago
common Merge "Fix missing spaces in strings" 6 years ago
db Merge "Don't eager load raw_template in a few places" 6 years ago
engine Merge "Sleep between check_resource calls" 6 years ago
hacking Restrict use of iteritems, iterkeys and itervalues 7 years ago
httpd Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator 7 years ago
locale Imported Translations from Zanata 6 years ago
objects Merge "Remove unused event_get methods" 6 years ago
rpc Merge "Improved the descriptions of funtion parameters." 6 years ago
scaling Improve resource.NoActionRequired 6 years ago
tests Sleep between check_resource calls 6 years ago