OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Jenkins 2f412dee7e Merge "Add reno note on volumes.backups_enabled option" 6 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 7 years ago
add-template-dir-config-b96392a9e116a2d3.yaml Add `template_dir` to config 6 years ago
api-outputs-6d09ebf5044f51c3.yaml Add release note for bp/api-call-output 7 years ago
barbican-container-77967add0832d51b.yaml Add reno for barbican container 6 years ago
bp-support-host-aggregate-fbc4097f4e6332b8.yaml Add release note for bp/support-host-aggregate 7 years ago
bp-support-neutron-qos-3feb38eb2abdcc87.yaml Add release note for bp/support-neutron-qos 7 years ago
bp-support-rbac-policy-fd71f8f6cc97bfb6.yaml Add release notes for new added resource OS::Neutron::RBACPolicy 7 years ago
cinder-backup-cb72e775681fb5a5.yaml Add reno note on volumes.backups_enabled option 6 years ago
configurable-server-name-limit-947d9152fe9b43ee.yaml Allow the server name limit to be configurable 6 years ago
dns-resolution-5afc1c57dfd05aff.yaml Add reno note for DNS functionality 6 years ago
event-list-nested-depth-80081a2a8eefee1a.yaml Release note, api-ref for event list nested_depth 6 years ago
event-transport-302d1db6c5a5daa9.yaml Add release notes for event-transport 7 years ago
external-resources-965d01d690d32bd2.yaml Add support for a resource level external_id 6 years ago
glance-image-tag-6fa123ca30be01aa.yaml Glance image tag support release notes 6 years ago
immutable-parameters-a13dc9bec7d6fa0f.yaml Add release notes for Immutable Parameters feature 6 years ago
keystone-region-ce3b435c73c81ce4.yaml Release notes for Keystone Region resource plugin 6 years ago
legacy-stack-user-id-cebbad8b0f2ed490.yaml Remove unconditional return of user_id 7 years ago
map-replace-function-26bf247c620f64bf.yaml Add reno for map_replace and fix docs nit 6 years ago
monasca-period-f150cdb134f1e036.yaml Add period property to Monasca Notification resource 6 years ago
monasca-supported-71c5373282c3b338.yaml Mark monasca resources supported in release notes 6 years ago
neutron-address-scope-ce234763e22c7449.yaml Support neutron address scope 7 years ago
neutron-lbaas-v2-resources-c0ebbeb9bc9f7a42.yaml Add release notes for new v2 Load Balancer resources 6 years ago
resource-search-3234afe601ea4e9d.yaml Adds release notes for resource-search 6 years ago
restrict_update_replace-68abece58cf3f6a0.yaml Release note for resource update restrict 6 years ago
senlin-resources-71c856dc62d0b407.yaml Add release notes for senlin resources 6 years ago
server-add-user-data-update-policy-c34646acfaada4d4.yaml Add user_data_update_policy property to OS::Nova::Server 6 years ago
server-side-multi-env-7862a75e596ae8f5.yaml Release notes for server-side env resolution 6 years ago
subnet-pool-resource-c32ff97d4f956b73.yaml Add note for subnet pool support 7 years ago
template-validate-improvements-52ecf5125c9efeda.yaml Release notes for template validation improvements 6 years ago
yaql-function-4895e39555c2841d.yaml Add reno for yaql function 6 years ago