OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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# heat-api pipeline
pipeline = cors request_id faultwrap authurl authtoken context http_proxy_to_wsgi versionnegotiation osprofiler apiv1app
# heat-api pipeline for standalone heat
# ie. uses alternative auth backend that authenticates users against keystone
# using username and password instead of validating token (which requires
# an admin/service token).
# To enable, in heat.conf:
# [paste_deploy]
# flavor = standalone
pipeline = cors request_id faultwrap authurl authpassword context http_proxy_to_wsgi versionnegotiation apiv1app
# heat-api pipeline for custom cloud backends
# i.e. in heat.conf:
# [paste_deploy]
# flavor = custombackend
pipeline = cors request_id context faultwrap versionnegotiation custombackendauth apiv1app
# To enable, in heat.conf:
# [paste_deploy]
# flavor = noauth
pipeline = cors request_id faultwrap noauth context http_proxy_to_wsgi versionnegotiation apiv1app
# heat-api-cfn pipeline
pipeline = cors request_id ec2authtoken authtoken context http_proxy_to_wsgi cfnversionnegotiation osprofiler apicfnv1app
# heat-api-cfn pipeline for standalone heat
# relies exclusively on authenticating with ec2 signed requests
pipeline = cors request_id ec2authtoken context http_proxy_to_wsgi cfnversionnegotiation apicfnv1app
paste.app_factory = heat.common.wsgi:app_factory
heat.app_factory = heat.api.openstack.v1:API
paste.app_factory = heat.common.wsgi:app_factory
heat.app_factory = heat.api.cfn.v1:API
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.wsgi:filter_factory
heat.filter_factory = heat.api.openstack:version_negotiation_filter
paste.filter_factory = oslo_middleware.cors:filter_factory
oslo_config_project = heat
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.wsgi:filter_factory
heat.filter_factory = heat.api.openstack:faultwrap_filter
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.wsgi:filter_factory
heat.filter_factory = heat.api.cfn:version_negotiation_filter
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.wsgi:filter_factory
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.context:ContextMiddleware_filter_factory
paste.filter_factory =
paste.filter_factory = oslo_middleware:HTTPProxyToWSGI.factory
# Middleware to set auth_url header appropriately
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.auth_url:filter_factory
# Auth middleware that validates token against keystone
paste.filter_factory = keystonemiddleware.auth_token:filter_factory
# Auth middleware that validates username/password against keystone
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.auth_password:filter_factory
# Auth middleware that validates against custom backend
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.custom_backend_auth:filter_factory
# Auth middleware that accepts any auth
paste.filter_factory = heat.common.noauth:filter_factory
# Middleware to set x-openstack-request-id in http response header
paste.filter_factory = oslo_middleware.request_id:RequestId.factory
paste.filter_factory = osprofiler.web:WsgiMiddleware.factory