OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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huangtianhua 4e6bb6febc Sync support network type for provider network 4 years ago
aodh Merge "Remove stack watch service" 5 years ago
barbican Add missing 'of' in order description 5 years ago
cinder Parse live data with correct key 'readonly' 5 years ago
designate Hidden OS::Designate::Record and OS::Designate::Domain 5 years ago
glance Don't override _show_resource() for image 6 years ago
heat Merge "Correct behaviour of update_replace property in test resource" 4 years ago
keystone Add project tags to heat orchestration 5 years ago
magnum Translate networks and subnet in cluster template 5 years ago
manila Fix python-novaclient 8.0.0 related issues 5 years ago
mistral Pass mistral execution argument by name 5 years ago
monasca Use correct raw string format 5 years ago
neutron Sync support network type for provider network 4 years ago
nova Merge "Ignore property errors in implicit dependencies" 4 years ago
octavia Fix some docstrings for octavia resources 5 years ago
sahara Merge "Define resource/output definition sections with constants" 5 years ago
senlin Never cache Senlin cluster outputs 5 years ago
swift Remove log translations 5 years ago
trove Enable to specify network for Trove Cluster 5 years ago
zaqar Fix OS::Zaqar::MistralSubscription with mistralclient 3.0 5 years ago
zun zun: add property mount to container 5 years ago Split scaling policy into separate files 8 years ago