OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Rakesh H S 4866280ecd Convergence: Fix unit tests
Some of the unit tests fail when convergence_engine is set as true
in config. This is mainly due to the convergence flag in some of the
functions/methods which is expected to be True but is set to False for
legacy engine.

Change-Id: I57ef37d4fd79f0b453aef9c16876495901c2d802
Closes-Bug: #1567321
7 years ago
api-ref/source Merge "[api-ref] Added template-function-list" 7 years ago
bin Fix heat-keystone-setup-domain 7 years ago
contrib Merge "Unit tests: Don't use ResourceDefinition as cfn snippet" 7 years ago
devstack/upgrade Set OS_PROJECT_NAME in grenade script 7 years ago
doc Correct the docs on deletion_policy in the HOT spec 7 years ago
etc/heat Adds default policy rule for resources limited to administrator 7 years ago
heat Convergence: Fix unit tests 7 years ago
heat_integrationtests Merge "Adds default policy rule for resources limited to administrator" 7 years ago
heat_upgradetests In-tree grenade support for Heat 8 years ago
rally-scenarios Rally tests plugins for Heat 7 years ago
releasenotes Add `template_dir` to config 7 years ago
tools Refactor confusing code in 7 years ago
.coveragerc Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors 8 years ago
.gitignore Create integration tests requirements on the fly 7 years ago
.gitreview Update .gitreview for org move. 11 years ago
.testr.conf Add separate requirements.txt to integration tests 8 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 9 years ago
HACKING.rst Restrict use of iteritems, iterkeys and itervalues 7 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit (basics copied from glance) 11 years ago
README.rst Add senlin to README.rst (github main page) 7 years ago
babel.cfg Add and friends 11 years ago
bandit.yaml tox environment for `bandit` 8 years ago
config-generator.conf Move heat_keystoneclient to clients package 7 years ago stop using deprecated option group for rabbit 8 years ago
openstack-common.conf Switch to oslo.service 8 years ago
pylintrc Directives to not use variable names that conflict with pdb 11 years ago
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 7 years ago
setup.cfg Move heat_keystoneclient to clients package 7 years ago Updated from global requirements 8 years ago
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 7 years ago
tox.ini Migrate API documentations into the Heat tree 7 years ago use stderr for error echo message 7 years ago



Heat is a service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications using templates, through both an OpenStack-native REST API and a CloudFormation-compatible Query API.

Why heat? It makes the clouds rise and keeps them there.

Getting Started

If you'd like to run from the master branch, you can clone the git repo:

git clone

Python client


We have integration with