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Jenkins 70a439f8c0
Merge "Fix missing spaces in strings"
6 years ago
.. Empty files shouldn't contain copyright nor license 9 years ago Sync context with oslo.context 7 years ago Make auth_url lookup dynamic 7 years ago Use caching for resource name/id finders 7 years ago Do not count events for every event created 6 years ago Merge "Store user_domain in self._user_domain_id" 6 years ago Refactor, add encrypt/decrypt data dict functions to crypt 6 years ago Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 7 years ago Use keystone session in endpoint_utils 6 years ago Add new environment section for merge strategies 7 years ago Handle zero values when merging environments 6 years ago Pass on outputs errors to parent stacks 6 years ago InstanceGroup to keep FAILED resources in template 7 years ago Fix unfortunate spelling error 7 years ago Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/common 7 years ago Fix [H405] pep rule in heat/common 7 years ago Set access_policy for messaging's dispatcher 6 years ago Add dns constraints 7 years ago Add noauth middleware 6 years ago Convert props form delimited params to lists 7 years ago Update the rest of the code to satisfy flake8 in a py34 env 8 years ago Use i18n to translate msg in 6 years ago Allow policies for resource_types with wildcard 6 years ago Support new osprofiler API 6 years ago Stop showing json deserialized message in log 6 years ago Move some functions to service_utils 7 years ago Some lambda were replaced on def 7 years ago Parse JSON as JSON when converting to YAML 7 years ago Restore timezone information in API response 6 years ago Prevent template validate from scanning ports 6 years ago Fix missing spaces in strings 6 years ago