OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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# Copyright 2010 United States Government as represented by the
# Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""Heat exception subclasses"""
import sys
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_utils import excutils
import six
from heat.common.i18n import _
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# TODO(kanagaraj-manickam): Expose this to user via REST API
'99001': _("Service %(service_name)s is not available for resource "
"type %(resource_type)s, reason: %(reason)s")
class HeatException(Exception):
"""Base Heat Exception.
To correctly use this class, inherit from it and define a 'msg_fmt'
property. That msg_fmt will get formatted with the keyword arguments
provided to the constructor.
message = _("An unknown exception occurred.")
# error_code helps to provide an unique number for a given exception
# and is encoded in XXYYY format.
# Here, XX - For each of the entity type like stack, resource, etc
# an unique number will be provided. All exceptions for a entity will
# have same XX code.
# YYY - Specific error code for a given exception.
error_code = None
safe = True
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
self.kwargs = kwargs
if self.error_code in ERROR_CODE_MAP:
self.msg_fmt = ERROR_CODE_MAP[self.error_code]
self.message = self.msg_fmt % kwargs
except KeyError:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception(
# kwargs doesn't match a variable in the message
# log the issue and the kwargs
LOG.exception('Exception in string format operation')
for name, value in six.iteritems(kwargs):
LOG.error("%(name)s: %(value)s",
{'name': name, 'value': value}) # noqa
if self.error_code:
self.message = 'HEAT-E%s %s' % (self.error_code, self.message)
def __str__(self):
return self.message
def __deepcopy__(self, memo):
return self.__class__(**self.kwargs)
class MissingCredentialError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Missing required credential: %(required)s")
class AuthorizationFailure(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Authorization failed.%(failure_reason)s")
def __init__(self, failure_reason=""):
if failure_reason != "":
# Add a space to make message more readable
failure_reason = " " + failure_reason
super(AuthorizationFailure, self).__init__(
class NotAuthenticated(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("You are not authenticated.")
class Forbidden(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("You are not authorized to use %(action)s.")
def __init__(self, action='this action'):
super(Forbidden, self).__init__(action=action)
# NOTE(bcwaldon): here for backwards-compatibility, need to deprecate.
class NotAuthorized(Forbidden):
msg_fmt = _("You are not authorized to complete this action.")
class Invalid(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Data supplied was not valid: %(reason)s")
class UserParameterMissing(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The Parameter (%(key)s) was not provided.")
class UnknownUserParameter(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The Parameter (%(key)s) was not defined in template.")
class InvalidTemplateVersion(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The template version is invalid: %(explanation)s")
class InvalidTemplateSection(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The template section is invalid: %(section)s")
class ImmutableParameterModified(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The following parameters are immutable and may not be "
"updated: %(keys)s")
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
if args:
kwargs.update({'keys': ", ".join(args)})
super(ImmutableParameterModified, self).__init__(**kwargs)
class InvalidMergeStrategyForParam(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid merge strategy '%(strategy)s' for "
"parameter '%(param)s'.")
class ConflictingMergeStrategyForParam(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Conflicting merge strategy '%(strategy)s' for "
"parameter '%(param)s' in file '%(env_file)s'.")
class InvalidTemplateAttribute(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The Referenced Attribute (%(resource)s %(key)s)"
" is incorrect.")
class InvalidTemplateReference(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('The specified reference "%(resource)s" (in %(key)s)'
' is incorrect.')
class TemplateOutputError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Error in %(resource)s output %(attribute)s: %(message)s')
class InvalidEncryptionKey(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Can not decrypt data with the auth_encryption_key'
' in heat config.')
class InvalidExternalResourceDependency(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid dependency with external %(resource_type)s "
"resource: %(external_id)s")
class EntityNotFound(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The %(entity)s (%(name)s) could not be found.")
def __init__(self, entity=None, name=None, **kwargs):
self.entity = entity = name
super(EntityNotFound, self).__init__(entity=entity, name=name,
class PhysicalResourceExists(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The physical resource for (%(name)s) exists.")
class PhysicalResourceNameAmbiguity(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _(
"Multiple physical resources were found with name (%(name)s).")
class PhysicalResourceIDAmbiguity(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _(
"Multiple resources were found with the physical ID (%(phys_id)s).")
class InvalidTenant(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Searching Tenant %(target)s "
"from Tenant %(actual)s forbidden.")
class StackExists(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The Stack (%(stack_name)s) already exists.")
class HeatExceptionWithPath(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(error)s%(path)s%(message)s")
def __init__(self, error=None, path=None, message=None):
self.error = error or ''
self.path = []
if path is not None:
if isinstance(path, list):
self.path = path
elif isinstance(path, six.string_types):
self.path = [path]
result_path = ''
for path_item in self.path:
if isinstance(path_item, int) or path_item.isdigit():
result_path += '[%s]' % path_item
elif len(result_path) > 0:
result_path += '.%s' % path_item
result_path = path_item
self.error_message = message or ''
super(HeatExceptionWithPath, self).__init__(
error=('%s: ' % self.error if self.error != '' else ''),
path=('%s: ' % result_path if len(result_path) > 0 else ''),
class StackValidationFailed(HeatExceptionWithPath):
def __init__(self, error=None, path=None, message=None,
if path is None:
path = []
elif isinstance(path, six.string_types):
path = [path]
if resource is not None and not path:
path = [resource.stack.t.get_section_name(
if isinstance(error, Exception):
if isinstance(error, StackValidationFailed):
str_error = error.error
message = error.error_message
path = path + error.path
# This is a hack to avoid the py3 (chained exception)
# json serialization circular reference error from
# oslo.messaging.
self.args = error.args
str_error = six.text_type(type(error).__name__)
message = six.text_type(error)
str_error = error
super(StackValidationFailed, self).__init__(error=str_error, path=path,
class InvalidSchemaError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(message)s")
class ResourceNotFound(EntityNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("The Resource (%(resource_name)s) could not be found "
"in Stack %(stack_name)s.")
class SnapshotNotFound(EntityNotFound):
msg_fmt = _("The Snapshot (%(snapshot)s) for Stack (%(stack)s) "
"could not be found.")
class InvalidGlobalResource(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("There was an error loading the definition of the global "
"resource type %(type_name)s.")
class ResourceTypeUnavailable(HeatException):
error_code = '99001'
class InvalidBreakPointHook(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(message)s")
class InvalidRestrictedAction(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(message)s")
class ResourceNotAvailable(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The Resource (%(resource_name)s) is not available.")
class ClientNotAvailable(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("The client (%(client_name)s) is not available.")
class ResourceFailure(HeatExceptionWithPath):
def __init__(self, exception_or_error, resource, action=None):
self.resource = resource
self.action = action
if action is None and resource is not None:
self.action = resource.action
path = []
res_path = []
if resource is not None:
res_path = [resource.stack.t.get_section_name('resources'),]
if isinstance(exception_or_error, Exception):
if isinstance(exception_or_error, ResourceFailure):
self.exc = exception_or_error.exc
error = exception_or_error.error
message = exception_or_error.error_message
path = exception_or_error.path
self.exc = exception_or_error
error = six.text_type(type(self.exc).__name__)
message = six.text_type(self.exc)
path = res_path
self.exc = None
res_failed = 'Resource %s failed: ' % action.upper()
if res_failed in exception_or_error:
(error, message, new_path) = self._from_status_reason(
path = res_path + new_path
path = res_path
error = None
message = exception_or_error
super(ResourceFailure, self).__init__(error=error, path=path,
def _from_status_reason(self, status_reason):
"""Split the status_reason up into parts.
Given the following status_reason:
"Resource DELETE failed: Exception : resources.AResource: foo"
we are going to return:
("Exception", "resources.AResource", "foo")
parsed = [sp.strip() for sp in status_reason.split(':')]
if len(parsed) >= 4:
error = parsed[1]
message = ': '.join(parsed[3:])
path = parsed[2].split('.')
error = ''
message = status_reason
path = []
return (error, message, path)
class NotSupported(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(feature)s is not supported.")
class ResourceActionNotSupported(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(action)s is not supported for resource.")
class ResourceActionRestricted(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("%(action)s is restricted for resource.")
class ResourcePropertyConflict(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Cannot define the following properties '
'at the same time: %(props)s.')
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
if args:
kwargs.update({'props': ", ".join(args)})
super(ResourcePropertyConflict, self).__init__(**kwargs)
class ResourcePropertyDependency(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('%(prop1)s cannot be specified without %(prop2)s.')
class ResourcePropertyValueDependency(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('%(prop1)s property should only be specified '
'for %(prop2)s with value %(value)s.')
class PropertyUnspecifiedError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('At least one of the following properties '
'must be specified: %(props)s.')
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
if args:
kwargs.update({'props': ", ".join(args)})
super(PropertyUnspecifiedError, self).__init__(**kwargs)
# Do not reference this here - in the future it will move back to its
# correct (and original) location in heat.engine.resource. Reference it as
# heat.engine.resource.UpdateReplace instead.
class UpdateReplace(Exception):
"""Raised when resource update requires replacement."""
def __init__(self, resource_name='Unknown'):
msg = _("The Resource %s requires replacement.") % resource_name
super(Exception, self).__init__(six.text_type(msg))
class ResourceUnknownStatus(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('%(result)s - Unknown status %(resource_status)s due to '
def __init__(self, result=_('Resource failed'),
status_reason=_('Unknown'), **kwargs):
super(ResourceUnknownStatus, self).__init__(
result=result, status_reason=status_reason, **kwargs)
class ResourceInError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Went to status %(resource_status)s '
'due to "%(status_reason)s"')
def __init__(self, status_reason=_('Unknown'), **kwargs):
super(ResourceInError, self).__init__(status_reason=status_reason,
class UpdateInProgress(Exception):
def __init__(self, resource_name='Unknown'):
msg = _("The resource %s is already being updated.") % resource_name
super(Exception, self).__init__(six.text_type(msg))
class HTTPExceptionDisguise(Exception):
"""Disguises HTTP exceptions.
They can be handled by the webob fault application in the wsgi pipeline.
safe = True
def __init__(self, exception):
self.exc = exception
self.tb = sys.exc_info()[2]
class EgressRuleNotAllowed(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Egress rules are only allowed when "
"Neutron is used and the 'VpcId' property is set.")
class Error(HeatException):
msg_fmt = "%(message)s"
def __init__(self, msg):
super(Error, self).__init__(message=msg)
class NotFound(HeatException):
def __init__(self, msg_fmt=_('Not found')):
self.msg_fmt = msg_fmt
super(NotFound, self).__init__()
class InvalidContentType(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid content type %(content_type)s")
class RequestLimitExceeded(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Request limit exceeded: %(message)s')
class DownloadLimitExceeded(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Permissible download limit exceeded: %(message)s')
class StackResourceLimitExceeded(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Maximum resources per stack exceeded.')
class ActionInProgress(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Stack %(stack_name)s already has an action (%(action)s) "
"in progress.")
class ActionNotComplete(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Stack %(stack_name)s has an action (%(action)s) "
"in progress or failed state.")
class StopActionFailed(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to stop stack (%(stack_name)s) on other engine "
class EventSendFailed(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to send message to stack (%(stack_name)s) "
"on other engine (%(engine_id)s)")
class InterfaceAttachFailed(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to attach interface (%(port)s) "
"to server (%(server)s)")
class InterfaceDetachFailed(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Failed to detach interface (%(port)s) "
"from server (%(server)s)")
class UnsupportedObjectError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Unsupported object type %(objtype)s')
class OrphanedObjectError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Cannot call %(method)s on orphaned %(objtype)s object')
class IncompatibleObjectVersion(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Version %(objver)s of %(objname)s is not supported')
class ObjectActionError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Object action %(action)s failed because: %(reason)s')
class ReadOnlyFieldError(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Cannot modify readonly field %(field)s')
class ConcurrentTransaction(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Concurrent transaction for %(action)s')
class ObjectFieldInvalid(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Field %(field)s of %(objname)s is not an instance of Field')
class KeystoneServiceNameConflict(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Keystone has more than one service with same name "
"%(service)s. Please use service id instead of name")
class SIGHUPInterrupt(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("System SIGHUP signal received.")
class InvalidServiceVersion(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _("Invalid service %(service)s version %(version)s")
class InvalidTemplateVersions(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('A template version alias %(version)s was added for a '
'template class that has no official YYYY-MM-DD version.')
class UnableToAutoAllocateNetwork(HeatException):
msg_fmt = _('Unable to automatically allocate a network: %(message)s')