OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Zuul 73f2cdef7a Merge "Add release notes" 2 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
Multi-OpenStack-Cloud-Support-b1ae023811d88854.yaml Support remote stack with another OpenStack provider 3 years ago
add-aodh-composite-alarm-f8eb4f879fe0916b.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
add-aodh-lbmemberhealth-alarm-c59502aac1944b8b.yaml Add heat resource for creating Aodh loadbalancer_member_health alarm type[1] 2 years ago
add-blazar-client-plugin-e2077e8646ca5f1a.yaml Add Blazar client plugin to Heat 3 years ago
add-blazar-host-resource-392ce00635ac27ed.yaml Add a Blazar Host resource 3 years ago
add-blazar-lease-resource-724caa6572e44182.yaml Add a Blazar Lease resource 3 years ago
add-cephfs-share-protocol-033e091e7c6c5166.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
add-contains-function-440aa7184a07758c.yaml Add releasenotes for 'contains' function supporting 4 years ago
add-dedicated-auth-endpoint-config-for-servers-b20f7eb351f619d0.yaml Add dedicated auth endpoint config for servers 2 years ago
add-hostname-hints-security_groups-to-container-d3b69ae4b6f71fc7.yaml Sync releasenote for Queens 4 years ago
add-list-concat-unique-function-5a87130d9c93cb08.yaml Support 'list_concat_unique' 4 years ago
add-list_concat-function-c28563ab8fb6362e.yaml Implement list_concat function 4 years ago
add-networks-properties-to-container-resource-b1936d7e113aafbc.yaml zun: add property 'networks' to container 3 years ago
add-subnetpool-rbacpolicy-quota-resource-945a74b57e2198a3.yaml Add rbac_policy/subnetpool support for OS::Neutron::Quota resource 3 years ago
add-tags-for-neutron-router-43d72e78aa89fd07.yaml Support adding tags for router 4 years ago
add-template-dir-config-b96392a9e116a2d3.yaml Add `template_dir` to config 5 years ago
add-udp-support-octavia-593dca738ab2ef57.yaml Add UDP to supported protocols for Octavia 3 years ago
add-zun-client-plugin-dfc10ecd1a6e98be.yaml Implement Zun client plugin 4 years ago
add-zun-container-c31fa5316237b13d.yaml Add Container to Zun resources 4 years ago
add_doc_for_multi_cloud_support-9f6e74ccc2639b4e.yaml Add doc for multi-clouds support 2 years ago
allow_global_admin_get_resources_from_other_projects-711a6b61a0aaaf63.yaml Add release note for 1649759 3 years ago
api-outputs-6d09ebf5044f51c3.yaml Add release note for bp/api-call-output 6 years ago
attribute-schema-validation-db615003e577f8dd.yaml Validate attributes schema 3 years ago
barbican-container-77967add0832d51b.yaml Add reno for barbican container 6 years ago
bp-mistral-new-resource-type-workflow-execution-748bd37faa3e427b.yaml Implements custom resource type managed by Mistral workflows 4 years ago
bp-support-conditions-1a9f89748a08cd4f.yaml Add releasenote for conditions function 5 years ago
bp-support-host-aggregate-fbc4097f4e6332b8.yaml Add release note for bp/support-host-aggregate 6 years ago
bp-support-neutron-qos-3feb38eb2abdcc87.yaml Add release note for bp/support-neutron-qos 6 years ago
bp-support-rbac-policy-fd71f8f6cc97bfb6.yaml Add release notes for new added resource OS::Neutron::RBACPolicy 6 years ago
bp-support-trunk-port-733019c49a429826.yaml New resource: Neutron Trunk 4 years ago
bp-tap-as-a-service-da00206c6a3d4ffc.yaml Heat support for Tap-as-a-Service resources 3 years ago
bp-update-cinder-resources-e23e62762f167d29.yaml Add resource OS::Cinder::QoSAssociation 5 years ago
cancel_without_rollback-e5d978a60d9baf45.yaml Add REST api support for cancel without rollback 4 years ago
change-default-designate-client-version-107de4784f8da2a6.yaml Add release notes 2 years ago
change-dist-name-288024b5d6668c01.yaml change the dist name to 'openstack-heat' 3 years ago
change-heat-keystone-user-name-limit-to-255-bd076132b98744be.yaml Change user name limit to 255 characters 4 years ago
cinder-backup-cb72e775681fb5a5.yaml Add OS::Cinder::Quota resource 5 years ago
cinder-qos-specs-resource-ca5a237ebc114729.yaml Add releasenotes for OS::Cinder::QoSSpecs 5 years ago
cinder-quota-resource-f13211c04020cd0c.yaml Add OS::Cinder::Quota resource 5 years ago
configurable-server-name-limit-947d9152fe9b43ee.yaml Allow the server name limit to be configurable 5 years ago
constraints-i18n-dc8b2652b8455196.yaml Handle unicode in constraints 3 years ago
converge-flag-for-stack-update-e0e92a7fe232f10f.yaml Add converge flag in stack update for observing on reality 4 years ago
convergence-delete-race-5b821bbd4c5ba5dc.yaml Eliminate client race condition in convergence delete 3 years ago
delay-resource-e20ba61f31799f6e.yaml Add a new OS::Heat::Delay resource type 3 years ago
deployment-swift-data-server-property-51fd4f9d1671fc90.yaml deployment_swift_data property for server resources 4 years ago
deprecate-nova-floatingip-resources-d5c9447a199be402.yaml Fix python-novaclient 8.0.0 related issues 4 years ago
deprecate-threshold-alarm-5738f5ab8aebfd20.yaml Deprecate OS::Aodh::Alarm 4 years ago
deprecate_personality_property-6bcda7c7c0e07151.yaml Deprecate `personality` for `OS::Nova::Server` 3 years ago
designate-v2-support-0f889e9ad13d4aa2.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
dns-resolution-5afc1c57dfd05aff.yaml Merge "Add key/value support for orchestrating images" 5 years ago
doc-migrate-10c968c819848240.yaml Add release notes for heat 4 years ago
drop-ceilometerclient-868ee47eedf2dff4.yaml Drop ceilometerclient requirement 3 years ago
drop-watch-rule-watch-data-tables-9ecb8da574611236.yaml Remove db api and tables for CloudWatch 4 years ago
environment-merging-d623362fac1279f7.yaml Add doc and reno note for environment merging 5 years ago
environment_validate_template-fee21a03bb628446.yaml Return Environment from validate_template 4 years ago
event-list-nested-depth-80081a2a8eefee1a.yaml Merge "Add key/value support for orchestrating images" 5 years ago
event-transport-302d1db6c5a5daa9.yaml Add release notes for event-transport 6 years ago
external-resources-965d01d690d32bd2.yaml Add support for a resource level external_id 5 years ago
fix-attachments-type-c5b6fb5b4c2bcbfe.yaml Deprecate 'attachments' in favor of 'attachments_list' 5 years ago
force-delete-nova-instance-6ed5d7fbd5b6f5fe.yaml ForceDelete Instance 4 years ago
get-server-webmks-console-url-f7066a9e14429084.yaml Support to get webmks console url for server 5 years ago
give-me-a-network-67e23600945346cd.yaml Adds releasenote for 'support-auto-none-special-network' 4 years ago
glance-image-tag-6fa123ca30be01aa.yaml Glance image tag support release notes 5 years ago
glance-web-download-c9d1fd2a6a2cb044.yaml Support glance web-download 3 years ago
heat-status-upgrade-check-framework-ccbd67cee3994b88.yaml Add heat-status upgrade check command framework 3 years ago
hidden-designate-domain-record-res-d445ca7f1251b63d.yaml Hidden OS::Designate::Record and OS::Designate::Domain 4 years ago
hidden-heat-harestarter-resource-a123479c317886a3.yaml Remove OS::Heat::HARestarter 4 years ago
hidden-multiattach-c761af6165c9571f.yaml Add release notes 2 years ago
hidden-resources-529934d5eb519c86.yaml Hidden resources in Rocky 3 years ago
immutable-parameters-a13dc9bec7d6fa0f.yaml Add release notes for Immutable Parameters feature 6 years ago
keystone-domain-support-e06e2c65c5925ae5.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
keystone-project-allow-get-attribute-b382fe97694e3987.yaml Add attributes schema for OS::Keystone::Project 4 years ago
keystone-region-ce3b435c73c81ce4.yaml Release notes for Keystone Region resource plugin 6 years ago
know-limit-releasenote-4d21fc4d91d136d9.yaml Add release notes for heat 4 years ago
legacy-client-races-ba7a60cef5ec1694.yaml Eliminate client races in legacy operations 3 years ago
legacy-stack-user-id-cebbad8b0f2ed490.yaml Remove unconditional return of user_id 6 years ago
magnum-resource-update-0f617eec45ef8ef7.yaml Add releasenotes for Magnum resource replacement 4 years ago
make_url-function-d76737adb1e54801.yaml Add a make_url intrinsic function 5 years ago
manual-rollback-failed-replacement-08ebb9271617fe9d.yaml Improve best existing resource selection 3 years ago
map-replace-function-26bf247c620f64bf.yaml Merge "Add key/value support for orchestrating images" 5 years ago
mark-combination-alarm-as-placeholder-resource-e243e9692cab52e0.yaml Mark combination alarm as None resource 4 years ago
mark-unhealthy-phys-id-e90fd669d86963d1.yaml Docs of configuring Devstack to enable heat 5 years ago
migrate-to-storyboard-36c90857d3167322.yaml Add StoryBoard migration docs and releasenote 3 years ago
monasca-period-f150cdb134f1e036.yaml Add period property to Monasca Notification resource 5 years ago
monasca-supported-71c5373282c3b338.yaml Mark monasca resources supported in release notes 5 years ago
network-attribute-segments-984ec5b3e75d657b.yaml Add segments attribute to OS::Neutron::Net 3 years ago
neutron-address-scope-ce234763e22c7449.yaml Support neutron address scope 6 years ago
neutron-l2gw-connection-support-56fc2db6e448100a.yaml Support Neutron L2GatewayConnection resource 3 years ago
neutron-l2gw-support-9fbb690bb5648f76.yaml Support Neutron L2Gateway resource 3 years ago
neutron-lbaas-v2-resources-c0ebbeb9bc9f7a42.yaml Add release notes for new v2 Load Balancer resources 6 years ago
neutron-port-network-attribute-14d2eeb481b25fa8.yaml OS::Neutron::Port: Add network attribute 3 years ago
neutron-quota-resource-7fa5e4df8287bf77.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
neutron-segment-support-a7d44af499838a4e.yaml Add releasenote for neutron segment support 4 years ago
nova-quota-resource-84350f0467ce2d40.yaml Add OS::Nova::Quota resource 5 years ago
octavia-member-tags-84cd00224d6b7bc1.yaml Support tags for Octavia pool member 3 years ago
octavia-resources-0a25720e16dfe55d.yaml Add octavia L7Rule Resource 4 years ago
parameter-group-for-nested-04559c4de34e326a.yaml Add ParameterGroups for the nested stack during stack.validate 4 years ago
parameter-tags-148ef065616f92fc.yaml Added tags attribute to the template parameter 4 years ago
policy-in-code-124372f6cdb0a497.yaml [policy in code] part 7 add sample and releasenote 4 years ago
port-mac-address-update-b377d23434e7b48a.yaml Disallow in-place update of Port MAC address 2 years ago
project-tags-orchestration-If9125519e35f9f95ea8343cb07c377de9ccf5edf.yaml Add project tags to heat orchestration 4 years ago
providernet_tags_support-e8cc20a4ab76ab8e.yaml Add tags support for ProviderNet resource 3 years ago
qos-bandwidth-limit-ingress-182a6300cd6e7aa3.yaml Added release note for QosBandwithLimitRule direction property 3 years ago
random-string-entropy-9b8e23874cd79b8f.yaml Fix entropy problems with OS::Random::String 4 years ago
remove-SSLMiddleware-2f15049af559f26a.yaml Remove SSLMiddleware 4 years ago
remove-cloudwatch-api-149403251da97b41.yaml Remove CloudWatch API 4 years ago
remove-heat-resourcetype-constraint-b679618a149fc04e.yaml Remove broken heat.resource_type custom constraint 4 years ago
repeat-support-setting-permutations-fbc3234166b529ca.yaml Add release note for repeat improvement 4 years ago
resource-search-3234afe601ea4e9d.yaml Adds release notes for resource-search 6 years ago
resource_group_removal_policies_mode-d489e0cc49942e2a.yaml Add removal_policies_mode to ResourceGroup 4 years ago
restrict_update_replace-68abece58cf3f6a0.yaml Release note for resource update restrict 6 years ago
sahara-job-resource-84aecc11fdf1d5af.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
senlin-resources-71c856dc62d0b407.yaml Add release notes for senlin resources 6 years ago
server-add-user-data-update-policy-c34646acfaada4d4.yaml Add user_data_update_policy property to OS::Nova::Server 6 years ago
server-addresses-attr-include-network-0f5359ecc33b4718.yaml OS::Nova::Server: Extend addresses attr to include network 3 years ago
server-addresses-attr-include-subnet-62d74e161e1db1af.yaml OS::Nova::Server: Extend addresses attr to include subnets 3 years ago
server-ephemeral-bdm-v2-55e0fe2afc5d8b63.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago
server-group-soft-policy-8eabde24bf14bf1d.yaml Add reno for soft policies supporting 4 years ago
server-side-multi-env-7862a75e596ae8f5.yaml Release notes for server-side env resolution 6 years ago
set-networks-for-trove-cluster-b997a049eedbad17.yaml Enable to specify network for Trove Cluster 4 years ago
set-tags-for-network-resource-d6f3843c546744a2.yaml Support adding tags for network 4 years ago
set-tags-for-port-471155bb53436361.yaml Support set tags for neutron port 4 years ago
set-tags-for-subnet-17a97b88dd11de63.yaml Support adding tags for subnet 4 years ago
set-tags-for-subnetpool-d86ca0d7e35a05f1.yaml Support set tags for neutron subnetpool 4 years ago
stack-definition-in-functions-3f7f172a53edf535.yaml Add release note for StackDefinition API 4 years ago
store-resource-attributes-8bcbedca2f86986e.yaml Always cache attributes in outputs in Resource.node_data() 4 years ago
subnet-allow-update-segmentid-d3b20b8c24969d0a.yaml Allow updating the segment property of OS::Neutron::Subnet 3 years ago
subnet-pool-resource-c32ff97d4f956b73.yaml Add note for subnet pool support 6 years ago
support-files-from-swift-f27fd2d788d67580.yaml Add API doc for files_container support 3 years ago
support-rbac-for-qos-policy-a55434654e1dd953.yaml Support object_type 'qos_policy' for neutron rbac 4 years ago
support_remote_stack_override_ssl_options-69c82b351920af57.yaml Override ssl options for heatclient in RemoteStack 3 years ago
sync-queens-releasenote-13f68851f7201e37.yaml Sync releasenote for Queens 4 years ago
system-random-string-38a14ae2cb6f4a24.yaml Replace random with SystemRandom for RandomString 4 years ago
template-validate-improvements-52ecf5125c9efeda.yaml Release notes for template validation improvements 6 years ago
trust-redelegate-25a6cfc78528a361.yaml Allow creating trusts with allow_redelegation 2 years ago
yaql-function-4895e39555c2841d.yaml Merge "Add key/value support for orchestrating images" 5 years ago
zaqar-notification-a4d240bbf31b7440.yaml Add unit tests for function 'index' 5 years ago