OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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.\" Date: 03/31/2012
.\" Manual: System administration commands
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heat-metadata \- API server to access and manipulate metadata of Heat stacks
\fBHeat Metadata\fR provides a restful API to metadata of each stack and resource managed by \fBHeat\fR\&.
It also allows instances to send usage statistics (similar to the CloudWatch
The \fBMetadata server\fR communicates with \fBHeat engine\fR which takes care of the actual database access\&.
See the AUTHORS file for a complete list of contributors\&.
Copyright \(co 2012, Red Hat Inc
Heat is released under the terms of the ASL 2 License\&.
Extensive documentation as well as IRC and mailing list info is available on the heat home page: http://heat\&-api\&.org/