OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Jenkins a4d98f68ab
Merge "Remove unused module excutils"
8 years ago
bin Merge "Mark stack_domain_admin_password as a secret option" 8 years ago
contrib Fix [H302] errors in contrib 8 years ago
doc Merge "Update docs to reflect HOT version support." 9 years ago
etc/heat ERROR_WAIT_TIME should be a config option 9 years ago
heat Merge "Remove unused module excutils" 8 years ago
heat_integrationtests Merge "Halt test_cinder_volume_create_backup_restore on error" 9 years ago
rally-scenarios Add config file for performance gate job 9 years ago
tools Remove oslo sslutils 9 years ago
.coveragerc Enabled source code coverage for contrib directory 9 years ago
.gitignore Use setuptools to install contrib plugins 9 years ago
.gitreview Update .gitreview for org move. 10 years ago
.testr.conf Restructure contrib/ directories 9 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Fix the section name in CONTRIBUTING.rst 9 years ago
HACKING.rst Fixed the reference to 'Creating Unit Tests' in HACKING.rst 9 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit (basics copied from glance) 11 years ago Delete deprecated docs/ directory 10 years ago
README.rst Added links to missing integration information 9 years ago
babel.cfg Add and friends 11 years ago Port to oslo.messaging 9 years ago
openstack-common.conf Remove unused module processutils 8 years ago
pylintrc Directives to not use variable names that conflict with pdb 11 years ago
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 9 years ago Run pep8 check in as in tox 9 years ago
setup.cfg Remove cinder-keystone-setup script 9 years ago Updated from global requirements 9 years ago
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 8 years ago
tox.ini Repair tox -ecover 9 years ago Add uninstall script for Heat 11 years ago