OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Zane Bitter bb3ddcf573 Ensure Functions can be created without stack definition
In a number of places we parse templates passing None as the stack
definition, in order to be able to extract information from the template
in cases where we don't actually need to resolve functions.

However, the GetParam and GetFile HOT functions require an actual stack
definition to be passed in order to initialise them. So far we haven't
encountered any cases where those functions appear where we pass None
for the stack definition. Ensure that all Functions can always be
created even with no stack definition.

Note that the cfn ParamRef class is not affected, as the Ref function
always selects the GetResource implementation when the stack definition
is None.

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2018-10-18 17:00:10 -04:00
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Heat is a service to orchestrate multiple composite cloud applications using templates, through both an OpenStack-native REST API and a CloudFormation-compatible Query API.

Why heat? It makes the clouds rise and keeps them there.

Getting Started

If you'd like to run from the master branch, you can clone the git repo:

git clone

Python client

Report a Story (a bug/blueprint)

If you'd like to report a Story (we used to call a bug/blueprint), you can report it under Report a story in Heat's StoryBoard. If you must report the story under other sub-project of heat, you can find them all in Heat StoryBoard Group. if you encounter any issue.


We have integration with