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Steve Baker 71a1e26140 Find root stack ID with database operations
This change adds a (currently unused) database function
stack_get_root_id to find the root stack ID for any stack.

Scheduler hints are moved to using Stack.root_stack_id() in this change.
Remaining uses of Stack.root_stack() will switch to using
Stack.root_stack_id() later in the series.

Change-Id: I9914b0df5af119edea6346db0d7c62124fbb1313
Partial-Bug: #1455589
8 years ago
migrate_repo Merge "Change instances of to next(x)" 8 years ago Stub out the database access API 11 years ago Find root stack ID with database operations 8 years ago replace dict.iteritems() with six.iteritems(dict) 9 years ago Make import of oslo libraries namespaceless 8 years ago Persist parent_resource_name and make sure it's available 8 years ago Add extra columns for resource table 8 years ago Fixes migrate_data utils to avoid created_at filed 8 years ago