OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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from import ok_
def fail(msg):
raise AssertionError(msg)
def assert_in(thing, seq, msg=None):
msg = msg or "'%s' not found in %s" % (thing, seq)
ok_(thing in seq, msg)
def assert_not_in(thing, seq, msg=None):
msg = msg or "unexpected '%s' found in %s" % (thing, seq)
ok_(thing not in seq, msg)
def assert_has_keys(dict, required=[], optional=[]):
keys = dict.keys()
for k in required:
assert_in(k, keys, "required key %s missing from %s" % (k, dict))
allowed_keys = set(required) | set(optional)
extra_keys = set(keys).difference(set(required + optional))
if extra_keys:
fail("found unexpected keys: %s" % list(extra_keys))
def assert_isinstance(thing, kls):
ok_(isinstance(thing, kls), "%s is not an instance of %s" % (thing, kls))