OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)
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Sergey Kraynev ef6ec7b652 Don't raise error if actions are mismatched
Heat stack_resource has similar check for actions, but currently it does
not raise error if actions are different. OS::Heat::Stack resource is
similar on stack_resource so it has same issue, when resources require
some time to change state/action and it should not be so strict.

Change-Id: I20c2d3f8900b7393b1f551384805a35d5ef6497d
Closes-Bug: #1454589
8 years ago
bin Merge "Use oslo.log in" 8 years ago
contrib Merge "Add remaining_executions attribute to OS::Mistral::CronTrigger" 8 years ago
doc Merge "changed heat dev docs to comply with conventions" 8 years ago
etc/heat heat-manage service list 8 years ago
heat Don't raise error if actions are mismatched 8 years ago
heat_integrationtests Update cirros version 8 years ago
rally-scenarios Add config file for performance gate job 9 years ago
tools changed heat dev docs to comply with conventions 8 years ago
.coveragerc Enabled source code coverage for contrib directory 9 years ago
.gitignore Use setuptools to install contrib plugins 9 years ago
.gitreview Update .gitreview for org move. 11 years ago
.testr.conf Add separate requirements.txt to integration tests 8 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual 9 years ago
HACKING.rst cleanup of hacking.rst heat doc 8 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit (basics copied from glance) 11 years ago
README.rst Merge "changed heat dev docs to comply with conventions" 8 years ago
babel.cfg Add and friends 11 years ago
config-generator.conf Move logging to use oslo_log library 8 years ago Port to oslo.messaging 9 years ago
openstack-common.conf Don't use a different thread local store to oslo.log 8 years ago
pylintrc Directives to not use variable names that conflict with pdb 11 years ago
requirements.txt Merge "Move barbican client in main tree" 8 years ago
setup.cfg Move barbican client in main tree 8 years ago Updated from global requirements 9 years ago
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 8 years ago
tox.ini Run heat_integrationtests in parallel 8 years ago Add uninstall script for Heat 11 years ago