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  John Postlethwait 0074328fbb Updating Horizon to use LESS. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 873d9df357 Added "network" to the list of required nova services. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 6999780204 Updated docs to reflect current required services for Horizon. 7 years ago
  Tres Henry 9bea7957dc Made readme a little more clear on where to put local_settings.py 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 052aa55d34 Unifies the project packaging into one set of modules. 7 years ago
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  Gabriel Hurley 9742842795 Re-architects the OpenStack Dashboard for modularity and extensibility. 7 years ago
  Joe Heck 6e7d208436 adding version to project, setting up autobuild of docs with ./run_tests.sh --docs 7 years ago
  Joe Heck 7fbd04358d adding developer docs 7 years ago
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