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  zhubx007 446abc41bf add dns_name and dns_domain into admin column 8 months ago
  Trygve Vea d1225c606e Floating IP: Expose description field in form and tables 1 year ago
  Eddie Ramirez d6f1d117b4 Add server-side filtering Floating IPs 2 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 9067ae8b0f Move SG and FIP API wrapper to api.neutron 1 year ago
  Gábor Antal 34a3aa0ba8 Handle log message interpolation by the logger 2 years ago
  Rob Cresswell 99849ad88f Move Floating IPs from Access & Security to panel 2 years ago
  LIU Yulong 5c238e9117 Add floating IP panel to admin dashboard 4 years ago